Ep. 154: Keith Gregg – How This CEO Built His Business on Partnerships

Generosity + Empathy + Gratitude = Entrepreneurial Success

This equation might strike you as a solution to humanity’s shortcomings, but entrepreneurial success?

No so much.

Unless you’re Keith Gregg.

Key Points

  • The biggest lead-generating opportunity for financial advisors is to provide compassion and empathy to those who aren’t getting it from their current advisor.
  • Social media is the greatest tool for the advisor who is prepared to connect with somebody in a sincere manner.
  • Don’t worry about creating original content. Simply document what you and others are feeling and doing. Earnestly share real life stories and glimmers of hope. Above all, be authentic.
  • Now is the time to look for natural synergies and expand your network to include allied professionals. Coordinate your services, promote each other, leverage each other with co-branded marketing. Become the central hub who connects clients with other services they may need.

Action Item

Luke was so inspired by Keith Gregg that he was compelled to provide two action items:

  • Today, assess your business and begin to expand your network to include professionals that will compliment your clients’ experiences.
  • This week reach out to someone and let them know they’ve had a positive impact on your life.


You can reach Keith Gregg at keith@chalicenetwork.com; www.chalicenetwork.com; or www.successionlink.com


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