Ep. 153: Eric Feng – Top 12% Global Speaker on How to COVID-Proof Your Business

In the post-COVID marketplace, service professionals will need to adapt to new and different strategies for online prospecting.

Listen in as Eric Feng shares with Luke and Josh the three steps service professionals can take to create an attraction-based business—one where quality clients come looking for you—that’s immune to threats like COVID-19.

  1. Identify, research, and study your dream client.
  2. Build your following on social media.
  3. Gain the trust of your client-laden community with content and conversation.

Key Points

  • Our new normal means businesses need to switch from off-line to online marketing.
  • In the post-COVID marketplace, winners are the ones who can adapt with the most speed.
  • To build an attraction-based business:
    • Be crystal clear about who your dream client is.
    • Ask your dream client four strategic questions; the answers will lay out your strategy.
    • Build your following and from there your community.
  • Build trust with the people in your community by providing content that is relatable, entertaining, and useful.

Action Item

Go to Facebook and search the Help feature for “How do I create a list to organize my friends on Facebook?” Create a list of your dream clients that will become your community. Visit it every day and engage with valuable content.


Find Eric Feng on Instagram @ericgoesglobal

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