Ep. 140: Luke and Josh – 10 Ways to Connect with Your Clients in 10 Minutes

On this episode of Stay Paid, Luke and Josh sit down to discuss their best tips for connecting with clients effectively in the shortest amount of time.

Key Points:

  • You need to always be communicating with your clients, no matter the medium.
  • Social media is a great platform to stay connected and show your personality.
  • Personalized communication is key to building relationships.

#1. Connect directly on social media.

A lot of people just post on social media to the masses. They make it general, and they don’t personalize it. Sean Carpenter has his four H’s, where he does his four “high-fives.” One of those could be to write a message to your followers for their birthday—but make sure it’s something sincere. Or, look at your feed and pay attention to what’s happening in people’s lives. You’ll see weddings happening, people buying homes, vacations, all those things. Comment on those things, connect with five people a day for five minutes, and it will build into relationships.

#2. Post content regularly that gives people a reason to contact you.

Sharing branded content and being active on social media is key. When you’re more visible, people see you as active and that translates into productive. If you’re not consistent with posting, people wonder what happened. It’s the key to marketing as well. You could be the greatest real estate agent in the world, but if you aren’t marketing yourself no one will know who you are.

#3. Send an email to touch base.

This goes beyond the impersonal emails. We interviewed Ricky Carruth on a previous podcast, and he has built his whole business on sending an email a week to his database of people. He says that because it’s consistent every week and value-driven, he has people he’s had on his email list for years finally reach out to him.

#4. Call past clients you haven’t spoken with in a while. We recommend five a day.

When you’re reaching out to your clients, reach out with a, “How can I help you?” or a, “I’m just checking in.” What stops people from making the call to past clients is they make the call trying to get something. They immediately think about how to close or get a referral out of it. Call to be of service, and the conversation will smoothly go to where you want it to.

#5. Update your list.

This will naturally spark ideas and help you segment people into groups you can reach out to. A lot of real estate agents don’t even have a list. You have to get a list and keep it updated weekly. The value of your connections will be based on how you segment.

#6. Pop By.

If you can’t stop by people’s homes, you can drop things off in the mailbox. But when you’re able to again, pop bys can be extremely powerful. Make sure you bring an item of value. We have some amazing printables you can bring. Another great idea is to do a collection for a local charity. Pop by people’s homes to let them know what you’re collecting. You’re doing something nice and getting face-to-face interaction with clients.

#7. Utilize video.

Get over your fear of the camera. The only way to get over the awkwardness of video is to do it consistently. The influencers you think of off the top of your head are always doing video. It puts you in front of so many more people than other types of content. Video is also great for leads and improving engagement.

#8. Send a text or video message.

You can still call your Facebook leads, but sending a video message gets so much more engagement. One of the challenges you face with your leads is establishing a human connection. You have to humanize yourself.

#9. Send a handwritten note.

Who doesn’t want to read a handwritten note? When you get one you have to open it. Pick a few people on your list, and write to them. People save handwritten notes because they know you put thought into it.

#10. Start a podcast.

It’s a great way to connect one-on-one with your database. It allows people to get to know your personality and can help you network with your community. You can educate people on topics, bring in other business owners, and form natural connections.

Action Items:

  • Take one of the ideas above and start implementing it tomorrow.

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