Ep 119: Danny Morel – Become Relentless and Discover Your True Self


Danny Morel is an author, broker, coach, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate business. He’s also the founder of Relentless—an annual three-day event where attendees from all over the world come to have their lives and businesses transformed.

Today on Stay Paid, Danny shares his amazing personal journey, along with incredible advice that will help you change your business (and your life) for the better.

Key Points:

  • When you have leverage, you can earn more while working less.
  • With the right mind-set, you can have it all.
  • In order to be truly successful in sales, you need to nail down the basics.

Q: Introduce yourself to our audience.

When I was 14 years old, my parents split up. My mother moved me and my siblings from New York City to Southern California. That’s when I felt I really grew up. My mother was afraid to drive our car, so I drove it underage. There were literally no options for our family.

If you’re looking to succeed in life, I recommend having no options.

By age 18, we were dead broke in a two-bedroom apartment. I realized no one was coming to rescue us, and I knew I had to get us out myself. I wanted to get us out of the ghetto and to what was effectively the Beverly Hills of our city (Rialto, California).

No one in my family even owned a house at that point in time. I decided at an early age I wanted to be different than my current circumstances. At age 21, I bought my mom a home. By 27, I was making more than a million dollars a year in real estate, working four and a half days a week.

Here’s what I do in life: I look around at what everyone else is doing. I ask myself, “Is that the way I want to do it?” When I did that with real estate sales, the answer was “no.”

Everyone else had to sacrifice their family life or health for money. I didn’t want to do that. It was either not be in the industry or find a better way to be in the industry.

My mission is to show real estate professionals you really can earn more by working less.

Human beings are programmed to struggle. We just grew up with it. I realized my grandfather came to this country, and everything he saw was a reflection of his experience. I don’t want my values to be my values because of some other human being’s experience.

I wanted to come up with my own conclusions. I was going to make up my own rules about how much I worked. I had the power to create everything I wanted in my life.

When your listeners start realizing how powerful they really are, their lives will never be the same.

Q: Where did the idea of Relentless come from?

Right after I started making a million and a half dollars a year, I lost everything. I was depressed. I was flat broke. I couldn’t afford rent.

The beauty in that was that it was a humbling experience. It made me who I am today.

Whether you’re going through a bad breakup or just a tough month, the things that happen in your life are because your higher being or higher self is molding you to become the person you want to become.

I started Intero Real Estate Services. Soon, people all over the country started asking when I could help them. One day, I realized I had the gift of being able to teach and inspire people. So, I decided to host an event.

The important thing with hosting events is to understand what the purpose is. In most cases, it’s not to change lives—it’s to sell something.

The real purpose should be to change lives.

The first year we got Tim Grover to come. The second year, we got Gary Vaynerchuk to come. The following year, we got Alex Rodriguez. After that, we got Kobe Bryant. That’s how it started.

Q: What does Relentless mean to you?

It’s a three-day life and business transformation event.

When I started this, Relentless meant never stopping and always going for what you wanted. But that was prior to my spiritual journey, which just happened over the past year.

After my mom’s passing and my divorce, I really had to look into my heart to see who I was.

Now, Relentless is about seeing who you are and what you’re really made of. It’s not about going after you want, as much as it is about going after what you must have.

I was born and the label “Hispanic” was put on me. The “male” label was put on me. I learned what being a male meant from the people around me. My grandfather had 13 different children from 8 different women. That didn’t jive well with me.

Society feeds into our ego’s weakness. But what you realize is that a lot of the people who we admire are the most damaged and hurt human beings around. They need external things to feel good about themselves.

That used to be me. I had to have the Rolex, the Louis Vuitton bag, and the gold glasses. Now, that’s not me. Once you get really connected to who you are, all you need is you. When you do that, everything else becomes really easy.

I was talking to one of my coaching clients who was making 28 transactions a year, worked 20 hours a week, and was able to spend every day with her daughter. She felt like she was still leaving money on the table.

That’s how most people are. They always want more. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Does it make you happy?

Q: Have you found that being vulnerable gives you more control?

100 percent. As people, we operate based on either love or fear.

I recently got rid of cable. It was because I realized how much TV told me how to feel about life.

You need to create a plan for yourself and stick to it. The sales are what give you peace, freedom, happiness, and joy.

I don’t believe in a hustle mentality.

Q: How do you balance work ethic and happiness?

There’s lifestyle and there’s work-style. You’ve got to understand what it is that you want.

Work-style is somebody who works 20 hours a week or more. Lifestyle is someone who works 20 hours a week or less.

We have people who are working to 50–70 hours a week. That leads to stress, inflammation, and disease. This is all because you’re coming from a fear consciousness.

This was what I did without realizing it when I was in real estate. You need to understand that you have the power to have it all.

Q: But how did you get 150 deals working 4 days a week?

It’s all about getting leverage.

How do you get leverage? It starts with understanding the two things you need to work on:

  • Your mind-set
  • Your sales skills

Any objection you can imagine, I’ll handle it. It’s all programmed step-by-step in my brain. That’s because I spent three years of my life working on my sales skills. I don’t wing anything.

Most salespeople or business owners just wing everything. They won’t put in the time or pay for coaching. They’re wired to think that hard work means success. I think that leverage means success.

I’ve told coaching clients of mine one single thing that was worth more than ten years of their effort. The proof is in the pudding, because I’ve got people who are making 10 times the money with less effort.

You work hard to fix your mind-set and your sales skills so that you can teach that to other people in the future.

Q: Were you working the long weeks when you got started?

Great question. If I know now in my mind that I want to work less in the future, I need to figure out whether I’m willing to put in the effort now. In the beginning, I absolutely put in the effort—not just to make money, but to better myself.

Q: Which routines have driven success for you?

When I was starting out as an agent—and what I coach people to do now—is to wake up at a certain time every single day and then doing a workout. Then, you need to get at the office at a predetermined time.

You’ve got to think long-term with everything. If I can’t do it for myself, how can I teach other people to do it? Most business people are too focused on how they can pay their bills.

Now, it is rare that I don’t start a day with meditation. There’s also this chatter that’s inside of you. Meditation grounds me and reminds me who I am. The second thing I do is breath work, which helps your mind and your heart. Then, I do physical exercise every single morning. I have exercise I do in the morning and in the evening.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t create your values or your identity based on what other people have been told—you’re not becoming yourself when you do that.

Go within yourself. Find out who you are first. Find out what you must have in your life.

The answer is within. Learn to trust yourself.

Action Items:

  • Reflect on the story that you’ve created in your life.
  • Set a time that you’re going to wake up and get to work.

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