Ep. 11: How to Close on the Phone

You need to bring a lot to the table when you’re delivering a pitch over the phone. One of the most important aspects to a quality pitch is clarity. Nobody will buy what they don’t understand. Along with clarity, you need to speak with an air of authority. Prospects will be far more likely to buy if they are talking to an expert. Wrap all of this up in authenticity. Folks don’t want to buy from a mercenary, they want to feel like you have a vested interest in their success. Authenticity builds trust.

Once you’ve delivered a pitch with these three elements, you have to assume the close. After you give the value proposition, you want to move forward with the confidence of having already won the business. In the 11th hour of your pitch you never want to give them the option to walk away. You don’t want ask them what they think, you don’t want to create dead air. The best move is to present two options. This gives the illusion of choice while still landing you the close.

If you don’t close, the value you presented has not outweighed the fear of loss.

You’ll draw out an objection, even if your delivery is perfect. You need to stay in agreement. Acknowledge the objection, try to make light of it and build some comradery. Then you want to isolate the objection, you want to drill down on the primary thing holding them back, weed out the fake objection and get down to the bottom of their reluctance. Move past the excuse and get to the primary reason. Most of the time the primary reason boils down to a fear of loss. You need to alleviate the fear of prospect with conviction, confidence, and a sincere desire to help.

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