Donna O’Sullivan – 35-Year Insurance Veteran on Why Trust Leads to Sales

Donna O’Sullivan knows a thing or two about insurance … and life.

The consummate go-getter with an eye toward ever bigger and better things, Donna believes in running her business on the principles of honesty, trust, and loyalty—and it works.

Starting from scratch and with a determined work ethic, Donna has two offices, an accomplished staff, and a giving spirit she uses to sincerely care for and protect her clients with policies that help them CYA (cover their assets).

Key Points

  • Cold calling is never easy, but it’s a practice that requires commitment.
  • Track data and it will tell a story that will point you toward what you need to be doing.
  • You can’t always compete on price, so always find out what’s the next most important thing to your client or customer and then work to fulfill that need.
  • People will pay more for a service or product to stay with a business they trust.

Action Item

Make your next presentation that much more persuasive by finding out and addressing your client’s “what if.” What if their greatest pain point isn’t resolved? What if they were to achieve their greatest goal?


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