Ep. 2: Dominate Your Community—Become Industry Synonymous

The greatest achievement of any service-based sales professional is to become industry synonymous.

Being industry synonymous is an apex. It means that when someone thinks about your field, you are the personification of the word. You have made yourself known, cultivated your sphere, and reached the top of your game.

You need to market yourself so that when someone wakes up, and has a need in whatever your field may be, the next thing they think of is you.

Here are the top three ways to become industry synonymous:

  1. Organic Social Media Outreach
    As business owners, marketers, and salespeople, platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can’t be ignored. But just making the business page is not enough, you have to be social on social media. That means reach out, you must interact, and you have to give followers an idea of who you are outside of your profession. Follow the 80/20 rule, 80% should be fun content from your life, and 20% should be valuable info about your industry. Grinding it out on social media is a free way to become industry synonymous.
  2. Website
    It will most likely cost you some money to get a well-designed, functional website off the ground. Once you do, you need to dial in the language to repeatedly relate back to your local market. That way your SEO ranking will be strong when folks search for agents in your area.Don’t use your broker’s website if you can afford to build your own. Brokerages come and go, and as a result you need to build your brand from day one. When you do become industry synonymous, you want that status to be built around you and your business, not necessarily that of your brokerage.
  3. Impression Piece
    You need some kind of item-of-value to leave behind for your clients. No matter what you choose to send out or drop off, make sure that you focus on quality over quantity. The most important characteristic of any piece of collateral is that it stays in the home of the recipient. Most physical marketing material is tossed in the trash without a moment of consideration. Make sure whatever you design is going to bring value to the recipient. That way your brand can live in the household for an extended period of time and help make you industry synonymous.

If you complete these three steps, you will be well on your way to becoming industry synonymous.

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