A Genuine Strategy for Converting IG Convos into Clients


Struggling to convert Instagram leads? Discover content strategies and DM tactics designed to help real estate agents authentically engage leads and grow their businesses.

This week’s Stay Paid episode features a social media powerhouse! Our guest, Michelle Berman-Mikel, is an Instagram professional with a proven 10-year track record. She’s helped countless real estate agents generate and close leads through her Beyond the Method program.

Listen in as we explore the types of social media content that make you relatable and approachable; how to leverage various credibility indicators, your passions, and even AI to create content that bears your unique stamp; effective strategies for engaging potential clients using DMs; and a powerful tactic to organically expand your social media following.

Don’t miss your chance to . . .

  • Find out the indicator of credibility your audience will most respond to and remember. Spoiler alert: it’s not the number of transactions you closed.
  • Discover a three-part formula for crafting DMs that generates a staggering 57% response rate.
  • Learn why Michelle emphasizes the limitations of virtual assistants and AI when it comes to qualifying leads.
  • Hear why the push to go viral and rack up vanity metrics obscures what’s truly needed to grow your business.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and thanks for listening!

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