How an Agent with No Experience Sold $75M in Three Years

Social Media for Real Estate Marketing:

New Agent’s Massive Success Proves the Value of Social Media

Leveraging social media—particularly emphasizing authenticity, sharing one’s journey and goals, and networking—can help a new agent establish a thriving business.

This week’s Stay Paid guest is Taley Hunt, founder and CEO of the Taley Hunt Home Group in Columbia, South Carolina. When Taley first got into real estate three years ago, she knew literally nothing about the business—as she says, she went into it blind.

So how did a military wife whose husband got transferred to a different state in the middle of COVID, who had no job, and who discovered she was pregnant the same day she took her license exam end up selling 28 homes as a solo agent in her first year?

In short, the answer is by using Facebook groups to network and sharing her journey on Instagram.

Taley tells the story about how she initially developed a hyperlocal social media strategy for farming that involved leveraging Facebook groups to attract leads and network with other agents. (Her first client came from an agent referral.) But the massive boost to her business—the one the enabled her to sell 260 homes worth $75M in sales in only three years—came when she decided to share details about her personal life and journey, along with her goals, on Instagram.

Recently, Taley’s begun putting together a small team, and today, her business is primarily fueled by referrals from past clients and agents. Still, she maintains her presence on social media to stay top of mind with her followers and keep in touch with other agents. She also hosts client events as a way of giving back to those who have made her new life possible. (One is an especially unique idea that you’re going to want to try yourself.)

We wrap up Tayley’s interview by asking her to offer advice to new agents. Having had no training, no mentorship, and no brokerage when she first started, she strongly urges agents to find a coach, noting that if she had gotten one earlier, she’d have made fewer mistakes. She also talks about her own commitment to giving others the help she didn’t receive and how it has inspired her to develop a coaching program specifically designed to assist moms who want to start a career in real estate.

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