4 Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Account


Instagram myths BUSTED! We’ve got the founder of Actually Agents on board, and we’re discussing four powerful tips from Meta to grow your audience.

This week on Stay Paid, we’re diving deep into Instagram with the founder of Actually Agents, Luca Alboretti. We unveil four powerful tips shared by Meta insiders (Meta is Instagram’s parent company) and debunk some myths about growing your audience on the platform.

Tune in to discover . . .

  • The true nature of Threads: Do they amp up your reach, or is text communication on this platform a losing battle?
  • The frequency code: How often does Meta recommend posting, and what’s the crucial detail they’re missing?
  • Powerful hashtags: Yes, they’re still a thing. Learn which ones to use to get your content seen.
  • The ultimate no-no: There’s one thing you should absolutely avoid doing with your posts.

Plus, don’t miss our exclusive sales and marketing strategy of the week.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and thanks for listening!

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