ReminderMedia’s Preferred Partner Match Program:

This program was created as a way for ReminderMedia to invest our advertising dollars directly into our partners, rather than buying website banner ads, full page ads in industry publications, etc. The Preferred Partner Match Program provides your firm with an effective relationship tool that will help achieve the following objectives:


Reward Performance

American Lifestyle is a way to recognize and reward those producers who contribute most to the bottom line of your business, and will help strengthen the relationship between your firm and your top clients.


A Simple “Thank You”

It’s critical to say thank you to a client after a transaction. Our client relationship solution, American Lifestyle, will ensure you have provided your producers with a “Thank You” message that leaves a lasting impression, strengthening their relationship.


Provide a Reason to Call

American Lifestyle will give your firm six reasons a year to connect with your top producers to simply have a conversation on how they and their client are enjoying the publication, or use it as an opportunity to connect and discuss new business.


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Transaction Match Program

Your representatives will engage the Advisor/Agent after a new account is opened or a transaction/case is executed. (You will set the parameters.) Together we will provide a one-year (six-issue) subscription from the Advisor/Agent to their client as a value-add, and a way to express appreciation for their business. The covers and Tear Out Cards of American Lifestyle will be customized with their photo, contact information, and logo. They will also be able to utilize both the Back Inside/Back Cover for their branding. We will use the following example as a guide to show how this program would work:

One of your downstream Advisors/Agents writes new business through your firm. We will contact the Advisor/Agent and alert them that they are able to send a one-year subscription of American Lifestyle to their client. We will handle the set-up of the Advisor/Agent’s publication and mail to their client.

Firm Mailing Match Program

Your firm will send American Lifestyle to your top producers as a way to connect and strengthen your relationship. The Front Inside Cover will consist of a customized message from your CEO (or other executive of your choice) explaining why this is being sent to them, while reminding them of the value your firm places on the relationship. Your firm will also be able to utilize the Back Cover for branding.

ReminderMedia will invest with you by matching the per magazine cost. We will utilize the Back Inside Cover for our branding to illustrate how our tool works and share the message of our partnership. We will use the following example as a guide to show how this program would work:

Let’s say you select 200 top producers in your firm. ReminderMedia will  split the cost of a 1-year 6-issue subscription to American Lifestyle for all of those Advisors/Agents.

Get Started with the Match Program

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