We use predictive analytics to let you know which magazine recipients are most likely to move.

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Powered by Predictive Analytics

We look at thousands of data points for consumers, properties, and behaviors that indicate potential sales activity in the next 12 months*.

Access to the analysis of your mailing list is available on day 1 when you sign up with ReminderMedia, we refresh the data every 30 days to see if anyone’s scores have changed, we’ll text you when your magazines have arrived in home with a list of people to call based on their score.


Consumer Data

Predictive analytics considers past activities to predict future outcomes at the consumer level.


Property Data

We look at properties that mimic recent transactions within a neighborhood or geographic location.


Behavioral Data

Social media activity and visits to real estate websites can indicate intentions to buy or sell.

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*Predictive analytics provided by SmartZip.

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