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“I always send a couple to my barber and occasionally drop one by. He has now referred me to three clients representing about $1.4M of business.”
– Phil Chadwick

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Marketing for Business Owners

Connect with your past clients and prospects on a regular basis by sending them a free bimonthly subscription to your very own personally branded magazine!

The Secret Weapon in Your Marketing Arsenal...

Every business owner knows they have to follow up with their clients in a cost-effective way to stay top-of-mind so they don’t lose that business to another company.

ReminderMedia helps you close more deals and retain more business for less time and less money by mailing your very own professionally produced magazine every two months that is personally branded to you and your business.

Sending your own professional magazine, or partnering up with other local businesses to leave your magazine in, helps you stand out and stay top-of-mind with your past clients while finding future prospects.

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These magazines get incredible results for dozens of different industries and I'm confident that you'll be impressed with our program and the results that we can deliver.

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Here are just a few examples of local businesses we suggest you leave your magazine in!

  • Luxury Car Dealerships
  • Doctors Office
  • Dentist Office
  • Hair Salon
  • Barber Shop
  • Gym
  • Local Coffee Shop
  • Law Firms
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Senior Living Centers
  • Banks
  • Interior Design Firms
  • Title Companies
  • Ect.


69% have referred the professional sending them the magazine 1 or more times!


31% were prompted to refer BECAUSE they received the magazine!

Step 1

We give you a beautiful 48 page magazine and brand it to you and your business.

Step 2

We deliver a new issue to your chosen recipients every 2 months on autopilot!


You look really impressive to your sphere and stay top of mind consistently so you start getting more consistent referrals.

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“I am a new customer and simply love the platform you have for businesses. I discovered you from my realtor that sent magazines to me and then learned that you could also cater to my very own.”

– Lorenzo Bates


Ways Business Owners Use Our Products...

Mail to Clients

Nurture your relationships with your clients on autopilot with a classy personalized touchpoint that is appreciated as a gift.

Personalize Your Magazine

Customize the magazine to each individual by writing a personalized letter or showcasing a recipe you know they'll love.

Drop Off in High Traffic Areas

Leave copies of your publication at luxury car dealerships, doctors offices, gyms, hair salons, etc. It's an incredible way to build your brand and network with local businesses at the same time.

Mail to Top Prospects

Have a prospect you really want to impress? These magazines are a perfect marketing piece to help you standout from the competition.

We want you to compare us to the competition. We have dedicated over two decades to crafting and refining the ultimate marketing tools for generating deals from your network and we are confident we are by far the best value.

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“I get at least 2 new clients a year and they are always large assets—just from the ReminderMedia magazines!”

– Timothy Hobbs

Crest Retirement Planning

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“I’ve used Reminder Media for years. The customer service is above and beyond. I tried the magazine as one time gift to clients and they loved it so much I decided to keep bimonthly.”

– Silvana Ancona


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“ReminderMedia makes me look good! It tells my clients I care about them and it shows much more credibility than a business card. I appreciate the kind, supportive customer service. Thank you ReminderMedia.”

– Irene Eicher

Safer Retirement Solutions LLC

Ready for your marketing to be the most impressive in your marketplace?

More importantly, ready to start getting more consistent deals from your network in 2024?

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