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When it comes to growing your brand on Instagram, it’s all about the little details. From the filters you apply to your photos to the hashtags you use to promote them, each choice you make plays a role in how your content will perform—and, ultimately, in how people will feel about your business.

Though Instagram is mostly a visual platform, it’s incredibly important that you make the most of the words that accompany your posts. Here are some suggestions for crafting the best captions possible, so that you can generate more leads and keep your current customers engaged.

Consider your tone.

Like any other piece of marketing copy, Instagram captions should be tailored to fit your target demographic—in other words, speaking to your audience in the way that’s most likely to get their attention. But you should also consider whereyou’re speaking to your audience.

In general, people use Instagram to keep up with friends and family, to follow celebrities, or to engage with topics that resonate with them personally. This means that the more professional approach you might take on LinkedIn, for instance, will probably seem out of place on Instagram.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your captions should look like texts to a friend. After all, you still need to make a strong impression and build trust with your potential customers. But, with a little experimentation, you can strike a balance between more traditional marketing language and the looser, slightly more casual feel of this platform.

If you need a little help, try studying what your most successful competitors are doing, and then work to develop your own version of that approach.

Use emojis responsibly.

Like them or not, emojis are now an important part of our culture. They appear constantly in text messages, emails, and social media. A data engineer from Kickstarter even crowdsourced an emoji version of Herman Melville’s classic novel, Moby Dick.

Depending on the type of business you run—as well as the clientele you serve—you might already incorporate emojis into your Instagram captions. Ultimately, you should trust your gut. Do the emojis add to the post, or does it feel like you’re shoehorning them in?

When it comes down to it, Instagram is a fun platform. So long as you don’t go overboard, including an emoji or two can be a colorful way to spruce up your captions. Just do what feels right.

Hide your hashtags.

Your Instagram captions should always be as clear and readable as possible. At the same time, you’ll want to include hashtags in your posts, in order to make sure they connect with the widest audience possible. Fortunately, there are two simple tricks for keeping your captions looking clean while also maximizing your reach.

Create some separation.

This is currently the most popular hashtag technique among influencers. Basically, you’ll need to create four or five new, blank lines after the main text of the caption. At the beginning of each blank line, add in a single punctuation mark (we recommend a period). Do not enter any other characters, including blank spaces.

Then, underneath the final punctuation mark, press return one more time. On the blank line you’ve just created, you can enter your hashtags.

Voilà! Your captions look great without sacrificing a wider post reach.

Use the comments section.

If you don’t like the look of the method described above, another way you can hide your hashtags is by placing them in a comment underneath your post.

For this method to work, you need to be sure to add your hashtags right away. Since Instagram sorts hashtagged posts by the date and time they were originally uploaded, that means you can’t add a trending hashtag to a photo you posted three months ago and expect new people to see it.

Include a call to action.

Everything you post on social media should be done with the goal of getting some kind of reaction from your audience, and Instagram is no exception. Whether your post is meant to advertise a particular product or simply to increase engagement, you’re ultimately looking to get your followers to take action.

When you’re crafting your captions, consider what you’re trying to achieve with a given post. Are you looking to drive people to your website? Tell them about the link in the bio section of your profile. Are you trying to connect with your audience by finding out their greatest desires? Caption that photo of a beautiful house with the question, “What does your dream home look like?”

Ultimately, you need to remember that your followers are constantly being bombarded with posts from other businesses. You can allow them to passively absorb what you post, or you can encourage them to engage with it.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how to approach your captions, go out and get writing! And, if you’re not already, make sure you’re following uson Instagram, @ReminderMedia.

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