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The open-rate on text messages is insane compared to other forms of communication. You need to be integrating it into the way you communicate with prospects and customers. Here are the dos and don’ts of texting for your business.

Video Transcription

Should you be using text messaging in your business? And the answer is: a hundred percent you should. Text messaging literally has a ninety-eight percent open rate right now and if you compare that to email, email is about twenty percent on average so you literally have a chance to take advantage of ninety eight of a hundred people that you send a text to they’ll actually see your text.

So I’ll warn you make sure you jump on text messaging in your business now before us marketers get a hold of it and destroy it, but today I want to give you guys four tips to apply your text messaging to help you become more efficient and a point I’ll make is that make sure you understand that you can also sync content through your text messaging because now when you spark a link or send a link to somebody it doesn’t just show up as a link on their text it actually pulls in the
image it pulls in the content so you can actually do content over text messaging which is a great way to keep in touch with your clients.

Keep it short.

First tip I’ll give you though is make sure that you keep your text messages short, but don’t just respond with one word or one letter answers. Have you ever received a text that just goes “k”? How does that make you feel? Kind of makes you feel like they’re blowing you off. Make sure that you’re not just responding in one letter answers or one-word answers.

Be mindful of autocorrect.

Second tip I’ll give you is don’t fall for the dreaded autocorrect.We’ve all kind of had those embarrassing moments with our friends and family. Don’t fall for the dreaded autocorrect and make sure you’re double checking your text messages for typos because if you send a text message that has a ton of typos, I hate to say it, but the truth is they’re going to look at that see the misspellings and they’re going to subconsciously apply that to your ability to do contracts and run your business and you just want to avoid that altogether.

Don’t send bad news.

Third tip I’ll give you when it comes to your text messaging is don’t send bad news over text. If the inspection fails if the author doesn’t get accepted don’t text that to your client or your prospects. Pick up the phone, this is your chance to walk them through, to be the guide that you want to be, to be there for them don’t lose the opportunity to save the deal and send bad news over text.

Cut back on the emojis.

Fourth and final tip is make sure you don’t overuse emojis and abbreviations. Not everybody’s going to know what OMW means and you need to think about your you know personality. Are you the type of personality that has a bunch of emojis that has a bunch of abbreviations but also even more important, who are you texting? Because a baby-boomer is going to be different than a millennial, so you want to keep that in mind and don’t overuse the abbreviations like lol because it also is a representation of your business.

The takeaway.

So guys, a hundred percent you should be using text messaging in your business but apply those four tips to it today. If you like these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel comment below let me know if you’ve used text messaging in your business the responses that you’ve had. Give me some tips so I can evolve. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook. Take action on this today!

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