How to Create Visually Compelling Holiday Marketing Campaigns

If you aren’t taking advantage of the holiday season to market your business and ramp up momentum for the New Year, then you’re seriously missing out.

You might not think your efforts could ever pay off at a time of year when people are constantly bombarded by marketing. But if you aren’t closing the year by putting yourself in front of clients and prospects, you can forget about a full pipeline of leads when the New Year rolls around.

Of course, the holiday season isn’t quite like any other time of year, and you should keep that in mind while creating your marketing campaigns. The holidays warrant a totally new approach that, when done effectively, can pay off tenfold.

The most important thing to pay attention to is visuals. Imagery is such a powerful tool in marketing, and that is especially true this time of year. According to Hubspot, messages that are paired with an image are 65 percent more likely to be remembered.

Messages that are paired with an image are 65 percent more likely to be remembered

The three tips below can help you create visually striking marketing campaigns that will be remembered well into the new year.

Keep your visuals consistent.

Keep your visuals consistent

Whether you’re using print marketing, sending emails, or sharing content on social media, you’ll want your visuals to be cohesive throughout the season. When it comes to designing images or selecting visuals, keep all of your content in a similar color scheme—or at the very least, make sure your marketing is distinct and recognizable.

For example, if you’re sending out a holiday postcard with red and green trimmings, why not also update your Facebook banner to use those same shades? The holiday overtones will catch the eyes of your prospects and clients, which will then make them more aware of whatever messaging you’re trying to get across.

You could also build on your holiday theme by sending individual pieces of marketing over time that relate to one another. For instance, you could kick off your holiday marketing campaign with an email to wish clients and prospects a happy and healthy season, followed by an email with content to help them prepare for the busy weeks ahead, and, lastly, a holiday edition of your magazine to tie it all together.

Incorporate nostalgia.

Incorporate nostalgia

There is almost no other time of year that brands can get away with running the same marketing campaigns that they have for decades. Think about Coca Cola’s classic Santa Claus iconography, or Hershey’s festive-colored foil wrappers.

People love to feel sentimental this time of year, and visuals that play to our emotions will always win us over. If you can make people feel warm and welcome with your holiday marketing, they are guaranteed to remember you.

Think about what makes you happiest this time of year—be it unwrapping presents, gathering with loved ones, or enjoying a slice of your grandmother’s pumpkin pie. Use those experiences to connect with clients and prospects and find commonality.

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Here’s an idea you can implement right away: create a Facebook post asking people what their favorite holiday dessert is. Post a picture of a dessert you’ve made recently, and invite your followers to post photos of their own creations. If you need a little extra help getting the conversation going, try posting a link to a seasonal recipe from American Lifestyle.

Keep it simple. 

Keep it simple

Over-the-top graphics and images can distract from your marketing message. Your clients and prospects will get lost in the theatrics and lose sight of you and your brand. That’s why it’s a good idea to stick to timeless visuals that are eye-catching without being too gaudy. It’s easy to overdo it on the silver and gold tinsel, but it’s the traditional imagery (think comforting winter scenes, holiday tables, etc.) that will resonate most.

Consider live video for your marketing strategy, too. Take your audience on a tour of your neighborhood’s holiday lights, or on a journey to a local winter carnival or event. (Be sure to tag the places you visit afterward!)

Opening up a piece of your holidays to clients and prospects makes you more relatable, and, in turn, more memorable. And that’s a strategy that can be applied any time of year.

Written by Alexa Bricker

Creative writer who believes in the power of a well-told story and helpful content.