Top 5 Free Resources to Share with Home Buyers

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As a real estate agent, your clients should consider you the expert on all things related to selling and buying real estate. They trust you to give quality resources and advice when they’re looking at homes. Go above and beyond by offering buyers these 5 free resources to use before, during, and after the buying process.


Printable recipe with a business card

Let your clients know you’re thinking about them by giving them recipe cards and links to meals, appetizers, and drinks they would serve when hosting people in their new home. American Lifestyle and Start Healthy have hundreds of free, delicious recipes for you to use.

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ReminderMedia has free, printable recipe cards you can customize with your information on them. Find out what foods your client enjoys, consider the season, and send over relevant recipe ideas. Follow up later and ask if they ever got a chance to try any out.

Interior Design and Decor Tips

A laptop with the American Lifestyle magazine homepage loaded

Get your clients’ creativity flowing with interior design tips and ideas for their new home. American Lifestyle has an abundance of home blogs focused on interior design, DIY, and outdoor design tips. If you know your client loves to build and create, direct them to DIY articles about homemade furniture, like this DIY bookcase bench. If you know your client wants a great outdoor entertainment area, share a blog about making a fire pit.

Insurance Coverage Quizzes

Insurance Eligibility Quiz

Aside from fun free resources, there are also practical home buyer resources you can provide. One aspect of home buying people need to make sure they’re clear about is insurance coverage. Moving to a new area may require them to switch insurances. For instance, moving to an area closer to a flood plane would make home buyers consider more flood insurance. These free insurance coverage quizzes from ReminderMedia make it easy for them to navigate the process.

Printable Planner and Goal Tracker

A weekly goal tracker

Home buying is a busy time. There are so many factors to consider and things to plan. Take some of your clients’ stresses away by providing a free printable weekly planner and goal tracking sheet. That way, they can keep on top of their home buying goals all in one place.

Healthy Home Resources

The Start Healthy website

A home should be clean, healthy, and easy to maintain. It’s important for first-time home buyers to have free resources to help them keep their home clean, safe, and sanitary. Start Healthy has home articles available on topics like air quality, commonly missed areas to clean, and more.

When you make these resources available before, during, and after the home buying process, your clients will recognize your outstanding commitment to them. This will pay off in repeat business and referrals. Always look to go above and beyond with home buyers. Home buying can be tough, but you can make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both you and your clients.

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