3 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List


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Many assume that email is dead, but we’re here to prove otherwise! Think about this: your email list—if built properly—may be the one marketing source that is truly yours to own.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Josh provides three tips to help you build your list, and reap the benefits of email marketing.

Video Transcription

Email continues to be the king of ROI, with as high as a forty four hundred percent return on investment. That means for every dollar that you spend an email marketing, you could be earning as high as forty four dollars in return. But your email list is something that’s continuously growing and evolving. People are naturally going to fall off your list because they’re unsubscribing, because they’re not engaged anymore, or their email addresses go out of date. Which is why you have to continuously beputting in the work to grow your email list.

So, here are three ways that you can grow your email list throughout the year.

Number one

Tip number one is your offline events. So if you’re not super digitally savvy, that’s okay. Make sure that you’re taking advantage of these offline interactions to collect email addresses for your business. If you’re going to a networking event, make sure to put on your business card how to join your email list and then a call to action of the benefits of joining your email list.

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re hosting open houses, if you’re in the financial services industry and you’re doing client appreciation events, use a sign-in sheet to collect people’s names and emails, and then be assumptive with that. When people show up, hand them a clipboard that has the sign-in sheet where they’ll actually be putting their name and email address on there, and then make sure that after the event you’re taking advantage of those names. Sending them a thank-you, and then putting them on a drip campaign to continue nurturing them after the event.

Number two

Tip number two, lead magnets and your website. So if you don’t have lead magnet set up for your business yet—these are items of value things like ebooks, or checklists, or printables—that you provide to your prospects and clients as a trade. So this would be; they would enter their email address and their name, and in turn they would get an item of value that you’re providing. You can promote these things through Facebook, through your organic social media efforts, or as part of your SEO strategy for your website. Once you have those email addresses collected, reply to them with that item of value, and then you have an interaction and an engagement started, which all you have to do then is continue to nurture them and add them to your email list.

Also make sure that your homepage is optimized to collect email addresses. This might look like banner ads, it could be pop-ups, or more less intrusive idea of a pop-up would be an exit intent pop-up. This would be whenever the visitor is going to close the tab of their browser it would actually pop up as one last opportunity to join your email list before leaving your site.

Number three

The third tip, and probably the most often overlooked tip for salespeople is using the telephone to build your email list. So when you’re making your sales calls, whether it’s cold calls or you’re following up with leads, and the prospect isn’t in the buying mode, before you hang up ask them if they would be willing to join your email list. Have a brief statement prepared that just includes the benefits of joining your mailing list, such as exclusive offers or content only available to your subscribers, and then after the phone call, send them a welcome email to your list that also includes a button that verifies that their email is good.

The takeaway

So there you have it, there’s three tips to start growing your email list today.

Keep this in mind your email list may be the last thing in your marketing that’s truly yours. Sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Zillow, if you’re generating leads for many of those companies you’re relying on them for your source of business. So if they change their algorithm, or they stop generating leads, or becomes less effective for you, you will always have your email list to use.

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