3 Steps to Branding Your Business and Dominating Your Industry

When people in your community think real estate, do they think about you? In this episode of Above the Noise, Luke Acree discusses how to become industry synonymous—the personification of your business. This distinction is of incredible value to any professional, and consistent effort to achieve it will provide epic ROI.

Video Transcription

Today I want to talk to you guys about this idea of how do you make your name industry synonymous. Guys, when I say real estate who’s the first person that comes to your mind? Think about that. Why does that person come to your mind? You’ve literally associated this person with a whole industry, and the question you should be asking yourself is in your market today in your community, if someone woke up and needed real estate would they think of your name, or vice versa, when they think of your name do they think real estate. And this really boils down to that almighty word we like to call branding guys.

Now here’s the thing, I want to give you guys just three simple strategies that will help you move on your way to becoming industry synonymous.

Social media.

The first strategy I want to give you is your social media presence. Here’s the thing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, if you’ve been ignoring these platforms it’s time to wake up. There’s literally 1.9 billion users on these social media platforms today so if you’re ignoring them, chances are your clients aren’t, and you’re missing out.

Impression piece.

Second strategy I like to call your impression piece. This is maybe the thing you hand to someone that you just met, or it’s the touchpoint you send to your farm or your clients, and so often I see agents pulling out their Word Docs, putting clipart together, and handing it to a client. You have to think about it this way guys, you’re about to sell one of the most important things in that clients’ life, and if you hand them a Word Doc what does that scream to them? What impression are you giving of your brand and the quality that you bring to the table? So you have to have a really high-quality impression piece to help you with your branding.

Web presence.

Third strategy is your web presence. Now there’s usually two things I find with agents when it comes to the web. One is they have a website but it looks like it’s from 1990, and the other is they think their web presence is just their website, and the truth is guys what I mentioned earlier with social media rings even more true with your web presence. You need to be on social media, you need to be on Yelp, you need to have Zillow profiles, Trulia profiles. If someone Google’d you today, what would they see? What would come up first? Because that’s what your clients going to do and you need those sites screaming the brand consistently of what you want.

The takeaway.

And I tell you this, if you guys do these three simple strategies you’re well on your way to industry synonymous and I guarantee you if you become industry synonymous, you will be a top producer.

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