This is Why ALM Benefits Seniors and Retirees

Seniors and retirees are the ones who remember the times of milk in glass bottles and mornings that started off with a newspaper hitting the front door. And they’re also the ones that appreciate the act of turning a page, even when everyone else is content to scroll and tap away on a screen. Staying in tune with this generation should be considered a vital part of your marketing strategy, because retirees and seniors truly treasure what American Lifestyle has to offer.

You’re sharing high quality content.
As a professional, there are many ways to leverage American Lifestyle to appeal to this age group. The content within ALM includes everything from food to travel to a variety of lifestyle and wellness tips. Retirees have the freedom to take advantage of trying out new recipes or traveling more frequently. Whether that includes day-long excursions to a nearby town, or a longer vacation to another part of the country, ALM has content geared toward whatever interests your client. This age group has more time and resources than those in younger generations, meaning they should be a top priority when considering your mailing list for ALM.

It stays in the home longer.
Seniors and retirees appreciate print media more so than digital, which is why ALM is great for their home. And did you know 81% of readers consider American Lifestyle one of their favorite magazines? One of the reasons for this is the coffee table quality of ALM, and the fact that readers take the time to not just flip through the magazine aimlessly, but to actively engage with the content. The majority of readers save the tear-out cards, this age group included. ALM stays in the home longer, and that makes you more memorable to your senior and retiree clients who will think of you when looking to sell and move.

It provides them with a trusted resource.
Seniors and retirees don’t want to feel “old” when being marketed to, which is why ALM works. The content within American Lifestyle is timeless. They can revisit the pages of the magazine for inspiration on a number of topics—home, food, travel, and more. They stay engaged with the content, and therefore they stay engaged with you—someone they feel they can trust because of the quality and timelessness of the magazine.

It’s a marketing strategy that works.
Print media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon—contrary to popular belief. 7 in 10 adults have read a magazine in the past month, resulting in this sector of the print industry experiencing some growth. This fact makes the marketing expenses that you’re utilizing on this age group worth it. When seniors or retirees want to downsize to a smaller home, either due to financial reasons or retirement, having ALM in the home would help them recall who to contact for these various life events.

If you feel like you aren’t hitting the mark with this generation, try providing American Lifestyle magazine, and watch your marketing strategy hit new successes.

Written by Rebecca Poole

Content writer with an affinity for all things pop culture.