These Brands Are Doing It Right

Building a strong brand is crucial to your success. When you think of brands like Apple and LEGO®, among others, instantly an image pops in your head of a strong, developed brand—which includes everything from the logo to the products. It doesn’t hurt to adopt some of these world-renowned brand strategies and apply them to your own business.


How did Apple create such a strong brand that entices millions of people to wait in line for a phone that costs nearly a thousand dollars? Through consistency, personable customer service representatives, and maintaining innovative product launches year after year, they have created a status unmatched by many. You could take many things away from this global tech brand, but keeping your brand’s message simple and to the point is probably one of the most valuable takeaways.



This online retailer is at the top of their game in terms of branding and customer service. In fact, they made customer service—and are still making it—their top priority. Zappo’s wants everything to be about the customer experience. They make this happen through the company culture, which is valued above all else. They went on to define what they want in a potential candidate, as well as what they expect on their own team, with a list of 10 core values, ranging from having “a little weirdness” to “doing more with less.” Take note from Zappo’s, and amp up your company culture, which will make your team members more passionate and customers more satisfied.



Named the world’s most valuable company by Forbes in 2017, you could say this Denmark-based toy company is doing something right. Worth over $7 billion, and leading the industry in terms of creative marketing and innovative ideas, LEGO® has a business that is unparalleled. Their mission is simple: to “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.” Everything they do, especially in their marketing efforts, is driven by this mission. The private company has created a strong culture around their values, which inspires other companies to create equally straightforward and powerful mission and vision statements.



People are more passionate about Disney than most brands, because to many, it isn’t just a brand, but a lifestyle. Creating such a devoted consumer base is part of the Disney magic, and what makes their successes reach new heights year after year. Not much has changed since Walt Disney was at the head of the company, and all he wanted was to make people happy through “magical experiences.” This has remained at the core of the Disney brand since the early days, and it’s what drives their business. They’re all about making the guest or consumer happy, which is a takeaway any business owner should keep top-of-mind. When customers are put first, success is soon to follow.


Take a page out of one of these company’s books and apply it to your own business model to really see a positive change in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Written by Rebecca Poole

Content writer with an affinity for all things pop culture.