The Ultimate Key to Success

Are you struggling to grow professionally or personally? In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Luke explains how focusing is the key to your success, regardless of the obstacles you might be up against.

Video Transcription

Alright so we’re all trying to achieve goals in our life. Maybe you’re trying to grow your business, grow your sales, even grow personally. In today’s video I want to share with you guys what I’ve learned over years of trying to grow businesses, years of trying to even grow personally.

You know we all face in our life where we get into ruts, maybe you’re in one right now, where you’re down and out, you’re depressed because you’re not generating the results you want. What I’ve really realized is one of the keys to success is your focus. Where you focus is where your energy is gonna be, your passion’s gonna be, and that’s gonna dictate your results. And I want to share with you guys three things to think about to help guide your focus to generate the results you want.

Number one

So, first point is are you focused on your past, your present, or your future? See so many of us focus all of our energy on our past. Maybe it’s trying to relive the glory days of high school or college, or maybe you’re focused on the regrets that you have. That you didn’t choose the right school to go to, or you didn’t choose the right job.

That’s not going to generate the results you want. And then also when you think about your future, it’s great to focus on your future, but the trap that you’ll fall into is you’ll spend all your time dreaming of where you want to be and no time and execution. See, you want to focus on your future to set your vision, but then focus on the present to drive results. What can you do today to drive results to help get you to that goal that you want to achieve.

Number two

And that really leads me to the second point. The second point is make sure you’re focusing on revenue generating activities. If you’re a real estate agent, an insurance agent, a financial advisor, make sure in your business what you’re driving towards are revenue generating activities. Do things that only you can do and pass off everything else.

Number three

The third point is don’t chase every shiny object that comes your way. The number one mistake I see in REALORS®, insurance agents, financial advisors, when you’re new to this business what happens is every new lead platform that gets presented to you, every new coaching opportunity, every new business model, you tend to jump on that bandwagon.

And you spend time, money, and energy. And all of a sudden your defocused, you’re not committed, and you’re not getting the results you want. Don’t chase every shiny object that comes your way. Focus, commit. If you choose a platform, commit to that lead platform for 90 days. Be committed. Put your focus there, put your energy there, and then measure the results.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys one of the keys tob usiness that I’ve learned in my life over growing a multi-million dollar business is it really comes down to where is your focus. Because your focus will drive the energy, passion, and time, and ultimately will dictate the results.

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Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A writer with a knack for creating meaningful content and becoming best friends with every dog she meets.