ReminderMedia – A History of Excellence in Marketing and Customer Service

ReminderMedia has created revolutionary marketing products and top-of-the-line client follow-up tools since its launch in 2003. Referral-based businesses like real estate, financial advising, and insurance have all seen tremendous results with the innovative program.

As ReminderMedia has expanded, so has our talented team, which is comprised of a wide variety of professionals. Here is a glimpse into the history of our company, and the leaps and bounds we have made as we continue to grow.

ReminderMedia was founded in Lancaster, PA with just five employees. The first official concept for a customizable relationship mailer was developed, and by the following year customers were able to sign up on the spot for a quarterly magazine.

ReminderMedia made its first big move to Chester Springs, PA, where the company saw a growth in customers to more than 200 and a growth in the number of printed magazines to 20,000. The first issue of American Lifestyle magazine was sent out in July of 2004.

In 2005, ReminderMedia moved once again to King of Prussia, PA, where the print run increased to 100,000 magazines. The print run was also changed from every month to every other week, due to the high demand.

A big year for ReminderMedia—the company placed 2nd on the list of the Fastest Growing Businesses in Philadelphia.

ReminderMedia now began sending more than 4 million magazines annually and increased its number of customers to more than 10,000. The company also began expanding into the Financial Advisor market.

ReminderMedia brought the production and printing of the complete magazine covers in-house by adding a printing location in Landisville, PA.

ReminderMedia launched its latest product, the Digital Edition, which offers an entirely new way for our customers to interact with their clients, track reader engagement, and stay top of mind.

ReminderMedia is always innovating to offer the most effective marketing products that help you connect with your clients like never before.

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