The REALTOR® (A Parody for Real Estate Agents)

Updated November 2021

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette TV franchise is the granddaddy of guilty-pleasure binge watching, and the original show has inspired a bevy of spin-offs and pop culture moments. These shows can have moments of joy and drama, with a whole lot of cringe in between, but every iteration of The Bachelor has one thing in common: everybody is trying to make an impression. Contestants that fail to stand out quickly fade out of memory and into obscurity.

Our talented content marketing team couldn’t help but recreate the parallels to the real estate industry. So, in our own (and pretty hilarious) take on this ubiquitous reality TV format, three agents vie for the coveted listing of Maggie, who is selling her first home—her most valuable asset. It is an incredibly important life event for the seller, and it will only be through making an amazing impression that one agent will become, The REALTOR®.

Veiled within the humor of the video are some really good business takeaways:

  • You may think being busy makes you come across as hard-working, but it just makes you look too overwhelmed for your clients. Nobody wants to be forgotten about.
  • Gimmicks can be fun and memorable, but don’t rely on a swag bag to close the deal. There’s a classy way to be remembered, but even classy swag alone won’t cut it.
  • Your clients are more interested in how passionate and invested you are in them than they are about your years of experience. Give them something they will not only remember you by but also shows your clients that you care about them.

REALTORS® certainly operate with much more sincerity than parodied in The REALTOR®, but at the end of the day, first impressions are never enough. You have to stay top of mind with prospects and clients alike.