The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Owning the Fall Market


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After a seemingly never-ending spring and summer market, fall has finally arrived. While many agents assume that the cooler weather means a slower market (and more personal time), this can’t be further from the truth. The fall market is a great opportunity for real estate agents to close more deals and end their year on a high note.

Below are a few ways to ramp up your business this fall season.

Attend seasonal events.

The crisp air means that everyone wants to be outside during the weekend. Use this to your advantage and attend community events such as sports games, fall festivals, and farmers’ markets. Consider arming yourself with your marketing materials so you can capitalize on every interaction. There’s no reason that your son’s football game can’t be utilized as a networking opportunity!

Give your print materials a makeover.

Let’s face it: we all could benefit from a fresh revamp every season, and your marketing materials are no different. Whether you utilize business cards, postcards, or American Lifestyle magazine, be sure to incorporate the fall season into your design. Subtle color and copy changes can make a world of difference.

Pro tip: Our Creative Services team is available to make your ideas come to life!

Utilize Facebook.  

Sure, using Facebook year-round is a great idea, but the fall provides a pristine opportunity to post seasonal content. Consider a paid listing ad that targets an audience that’s within your community. Incorporate copy like “Fall in love with this home!” and include a listing photo with festive curb appeal. If you’re working with a limited budget, consider going live at a festival. This will showcase your strong community ties.

 Stress the impending holiday season.

Oftentimes, fall buyers and sellers are more serious than those during the spring or summer. They want to be settled in a new home before the holidays. Use this knowledge to your advantage! At a listing appointment, highlight that you’ll be able to close the deal well before the holidays, and provide proof with your previous transactions. You can also let them know that the inventory drops during the winter, so moving relatively quickly is a must.

This season, use these tips to make the most out of your fall and set yourself apart from the competition.

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