The Nature of Resistance

Every action we’ve ever taken was a fight against resistance. Just rising from a chair is a fight against gravity, waking up in the morning is a fight against sloth, thinking positively is a fight against an easier, negative mentality. No matter what we try to do, endeavors large and small, there will always be forces working against us. Every time we take action, we’re at war with inaction.

It’s the nature of the world. Should we go to the gym, or stay home? Should we read a book, or watch television? Should we come out of our shells, or stay in our comfort zones? Overcoming resistance is what builds strength. Conditioning a muscle is all about breaking it down with resistance. It becomes briefly weaker, then becomes stronger than ever.

And the first step often seems like the hardest one. So start with something small, start with a visualization exercise. Devote a few minutes to actively thinking about the project, pulling it apart. Try taking a walk to get you head straight and break up the monotony of stillness. My go-to tactic is to make a list, handwritten, that will lay out every step I need to execute. It is my way to put a crack in the wall of resistance, it provides that first bit of momentum to get me going in the right direction.

Once you start, never let go of momentum. Sometimes we break through resistance, chalk up a win, and let ourselves fall back as a reward. There is no better time for another win than directly after one. Don’t quit for the day because you got one in the bank. Instead, build off that momentum and carry that energy into the next project.

Written by Sefton Eisenhart

A writer who deeply believes that everyone is in sales.