The Most Important Question to Ask

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Most people only need a real estate agent a handful of times throughout their life. Shopping for property isn’t like shopping for groceries. There are usually years, sometimes decades, in between purchases. Staying top of mind all that time might seem impossible. It isn’t about constantly being in front of the prospect. It’s about making sure you’re at the right place at the right time, being consistent, and providing value.

When you meet new people that are potential prospects ask them:

“When the time comes, can I be your real estate agent?”

You’re not applying any pressure. You’re not even pitching. You are only making them aware of what you do and how you might be of service.

The internet has thousands of articles about how to pick a real estate agent. When a person or family goes to buy or sell a home, the next thing they begin to consider is who will represent them. They typically don’t have a name in mind, so they turn to Google. You preempt this by asking in advance. By planting your name early, you not only set yourself up to capture that business, but you save the client from having to do hours of time-wasting research and interviewing.

This tactic also has a super-effective social media application. When you make a new connection on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, the first thing you should do is message them this question. Nine times out of ten they will say yes. From there ask them for their email address so you can keep in touch. If your first message is only a request for their e-mail address, you come off like spam. When you get the ball rolling by making a simple request, you lay a better foundation to get their contact information and increase your sphere.

So ask this question to the people you meet, but make sure to do it with sincerity. If a particular conversation doesn’t lend itself, don’t force it. It should come up organically, otherwise you will do more harm than good. Once you have their approval, keep them in your outer sphere. Nurture them with thoughtful touchpoints and valuable marketing as they move closer to entering the market. When they do, you’ll be their go-to agent.