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If you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing, there are certain terms that are important to know, so you can be in the know. If you’re going to be throwing around these terms in meetings, you want to make sure you can walk the walk, too. Brush up on your terminology with this crucial list so you can be at the top of your marketing game.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

One of the most important digital marketing terms to know is KPI, or key performance indicator. This is the metric you use to measure success in what you’re doing. There are several other terms that fall under the umbrella of KPI’s—bounce rate, click-through-rate, and more. Tracking your progress is crucial, and that’s what KPI’s are for. Whether it be with social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, or any other sort of trackable objective, make sure you’re on top of the KPI’s that matter to your business.

Lead magnet

How is your business generating leads? Part of figuring this out is through lead magnets—marketing tools like e-books, success guides, and printables—anything you think will be appreciated by prospects and help them see the value in the business you’re offering. Lead magnets go hand in hand with lead generation and lead nurturing. All are important to understanding how you can guide prospects through the sales funnel. Visit our Resource Library for free lead magnets you can use as often as you like.

Engagement rate

The engagement rate is what you’ll want to pay attention to when looking at your social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and the like. It’s the metric used to see how many people are engaging with the content you put out. Whether this is likes, comments, or shares, it’s important to see who is engaging and how. This can help you analyze what content is performing well, and, in turn, create more quality campaigns that drive good business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you want your ranking on Google to be higher, it’s important to pay attention to SEO. There are various ways to do this to ensure an optimal SEO scoring. When trying to improve SEO, make sure your word count is up, you have keywords plugged in, you embedded internal and external links throughout the post, and you have a consistent schedule for when blog posts go up. You can find a lot more information about SEO here.

Sales funnel

There are various stages of turning a prospect into a client. At ReminderMedia, we like to label these stages as CARR: Curiosity, Annoyance, Resentment, and Respect. Part of how our salespeople turn prospects into clients is by going through these four stages, otherwise known as the sales funnel.

When creating a digital marketing plan, make sure you brush up on these key terms, but more importantly, know how to integrate them into your business to maximize their effectiveness.

And, if you are doing an digital advertising like Facebook or Google ads, then check out this Digital Advertising Terminology Cheat Sheet.

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