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The 5 Best Sources of Social Media Content for Real Estate Agents

From idea generation to completely automated solutions, these are five of the best sources real estate agents can use to boost their social media engagement.

By now you know that posting content to social media is one of the most effective ways to have people know, like, and trust you. But real estate agents are notoriously busy professionals.

Having to write relevant, interesting, and high-quality content—not to mention the effort it takes to post it to all your social media accounts—only makes your job more difficult.

Rather than having to sacrifice the few hours you may still have for yourself and your family to writing and posting content, there are easier ways to maintain a social media presence.

Below are five sources of social media content real estate agents can use to keep their demographic engaged while not having to give up your day job.

1. Social media: Reposting

If standing on the shoulders of giants was good enough for Isaac Newton, then it should be good enough for busy, budget-conscious real estate agents.

There are people whose primary activity on social media is to repost what someone else has already written. The more ambitious of this lot will collect posts related to the same topic, issue, or question, put them in a newsletter, post that, and call it a day.

Copying and pasting a link is about as easy as it gets, but I highly recommend writing at least a sentence or two to either capture interest, preview what you’ve posted, or prove you’re a living, breathing person.

You could use the various tools available on these platforms to direct you to the type of content you want. Depending on the platform, you can follow hashtags, topics, pages, or people. However, these methods aren’t particularly efficient—a critical drawback for busy agents.

A better option would be to use an aggregator or discovery search engine to scrape sites for shareworthy content.

Your top social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Quora. These are sources of nearly infinite content that you can share on your own platforms, and it’s all free.

If you’re looking for a quick solution and don’t mind promoting other people’s work rather than creating your own, then reposting could be a good fit for you.

2. Hubspot: Idea generator

If you’re into writing your copy and simply need a topic to get the creative juices flowing, then check out Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator.

This content idea generator (also known as a blog topic generator) is a free, no-frills, just give me what I want, tool. Enter up to five keywords per search, and it will produce five blog topics faster than you can make wastebasket shot from across the room.

Granted, five topics aren’t many, but they may spark additional ideas. You also have the opportunity to receive 250 additional topics if you provide your contact information and company name.

When neither time crunches nor writing are a problem, but coming up with ideas for what to write about is, and you don’t need all the bells and whistles, then Hubspot might be your solution. You can check out their website here.

3. BuzzSumo: Idea generator 2.0

BuzzSumo is several rungs up the ladder from Hubspot. Their Content Discovery feature is way more robust. It includes several tools that can save you a tremendous amount of time you might otherwise waste trying to think of a topic, or worse, writing something that no one wants to read.

  • The Keyword tool will reveal the popularity of keywords and phrases for the current month, indicate any seasonal variations in the use of keywords, and provide PPC cost-data.
  • For any topic, domain, or geographic location, Trends will provide real-time data performance for new content that can help you predict the next viral topic.
  • Topics will give you ideas with real content and questions, the keywords you should use when writing about a topic, and the ability to drill down to examine trends and even more examples.
  • Questions is a super cool tool. With it, you can search and analyze conversations in forums and Q&A sites, delve into any subreddit topic on Reddit, and discover what Quora users want to know. An added benefit is you’ll capture the language and tone of users so you can adopt them in your content.

Beyond providing various ways to stimulate how you think about topics, BuzzSumo makes this list of the five best sources of social media content because of the features engineered to make your topic selection more intelligent.

Web monitoring of your competitors, brand mentions, and noteworthy industry updates keep you ahead of the curve and in tune with what has your demographic’s attention.

You can identify and analyze the real estate industry’s top influencers and authors for their engagement, strategies, and the content they boost using links and shares.

And you can save time and effort by performing research right from within the site. With an extraordinary index of social engagement data, you can find your competitors’ top content, access up to five years of trend data, and discover the formats most preferred by your audience.

Of course, there’s more to explore than what I’ve covered here. BuzzSumo may be your preferred option for social media content if you have the time to write your own content, and you want to be more strategic than writing about a topic that caught your attention, but maybe not that of your audience.

Visit BuzzSumo and take advantage of their 30-day free trial.

4. Capzool: Premade social media posts

As we continue to move up the ladder, the tools and additional services offered expands.

Capzool is a source that offers premade social media content for agents who don’t want to be anywhere near a blank piece of paper or an empty screen.

Using a pool of writers, Capzool continuously adds new content to its already formidable library of one million social media posts. Posts are dropped daily and include ready-to-go articles about holidays, special events, trending topics, and daily hashtags. The timeliness of these articles gives an impression to your site visitors that it’s you who’s keeping tabs on what’s happening.

If your industry is not among the ones Capzool routinely writes for, you cannot find what you want, or you need something customized, you can request that a writer provide you with a unique post, which can usually be turned around in 24 hours.

Posts come with an image, a caption, and relevant hashtags. You can use your logo and their stickers, filters, and fonts to customize your posts. There is also the option to link your website, company, and phone number.

For added convenience, customers can use a single, drag-and-drop calendar to schedule content across their integrated platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Content can also be downloaded and added to any social platform.

Finally, Capzool provides free, unlimited scheduling and posting of your own content. Premade social media content is available on a month-to-month or annual fee schedule, and the three plan levels include an increasing number of posts, unique post requests, businesses supported, and social profiles allowed. There is no contract and users can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Capzool is perfect for you if you are maybe new to using social media for marketing, want social media content that is ready to go with your logo, and don’t mind being limited to a set amount of paid posts each month or doing some of the work yourself. If your needs increase, it’s nice to have the option of buying up, or writing your own content and using their free scheduler to do your posting.

If Capzool sounds like it may be right for you, contact them to schedule a free demo.

5. ReminderMedia: Automated and premade

Even if my boss didn’t insist that our social media content products and service be included in this list, I think our clients would.

For agents seeking a comprehensive, fully automated, high-quality social media solution, then ReminderMedia is worth your consideration.

Our Digital Marketing Platform is a unique social media solution that includes three products in one.

Branded Posts provides access to a searchable library of thousands of engaging premade social media posts that we brand with your photo, business, and contact information. You can post as much content as you wish to any social media platform with no limits. And you can use the free Facebook post scheduler and Instagram post scheduler to schedule posts for days, weeks, or months at a time.

From the library, you can select topics specifically curated for real estate agents. Or, choose from subjects with broad appeal, including travel, food, design, DIY, lifestyle, health and wellness, crafts, gardening, and more. With Branded Posts, you’ll find something for everyone on your list, and you won’t be restricted to always talking shop.

Branded Posts also comes with an automated, biweekly email newsletter—also personally branded—that you can customize with your brand colors, ensuring your marketing maintains a consistent look and feel.

Local Events, the second of the three products included in the digital marketing platform, is also fully automated and personally branded. Every two weeks, your list of recipients automatically receives an email featuring hand-curated local events happening in your community and the surrounding area, as well as virtual events from across the nation. Local Events is a highly effective tool for positioning yourself as the local expert.

The Digital Edition, as you might guess, is a digital publication—also automated, and also branded to you. Its unique content and images are distinct from our print magazines, making it a marketing choice unto itself.

The Digital Edition is accompanied by a custom-designed, prewritten email. When recipients share articles or recipes from within the magazine (there’s no need to exit the magazine or open another window, which makes sharing easy and convenient), your personal branding stays intact. This means your brand has the potential to appear in thousands of inboxes.

Sidebar: For clients who also subscribe to one of our print magazines, we make it possible to post a customized preview to all your social media channels. You can tag recipients of your magazine, thank them for being a part of your success, and create another touchpoint and opportunity to engage.

Using the digital marketing platform with multiple tools in one product ensures you have an automated and consistent supply of multiple touchpoints across your entire sphere. And while the cost of the digital marketing platform is discounted, you can purchase each tool separately.

Here’s the bottom line.

All five sources of social media content discussed in this blog have their place.

But, if you’re a professional agent:

  • Who craves a social media solution that is easy, convenient, and fully automated;
  • Who wants to focus on serving your clients rather than worrying about your marketing;
  • Who needs multiple client touchpoints that deliver variety and value;
  • Who requires only the highest quality writing and images;
  • Who wants a customer service experience that turns clients into raving fans . . .

then you owe it to yourself to check out ReminderMedia and our free demo of the Digital Marketing Platform.

Written by Gabrielle C. King

I’ve spent my 30-year career making complex and unfamiliar ideas easy to understand. Today I routinely write 2,500 words or less to help entrepreneurs like real estate agents, RIAs, insurance agents, and others better understand marketing and feel a renewed confidence in their ability to close more deals and retain more business.