Take Your Holiday Marketing from Me Too to Woo-Hoo with These Last-Minute Strategies

By now you’ve probably already sent whatever greeting you had planned to your clients and sphere of influence. But how much of an impact did it make?

I don’t know about you, but I get so many holiday cards that I can’t display them all. And forget about asking me to remember everyone who sent one without looking over the stack.

To really stand out in the crowd, you need to do more than send the obligatory holiday card. Fortunately, you still have time to outshine your competition and stick in your clients’ minds.

Here are a few ideas:

Follow up with a friendly phone call.

When it comes to building personal connections, there’s no substitute for actually speaking with people one-on-one. That’s why following up is the number-one thing our marketing advisors urge our customers to do.

Normally, finding excuses to pick up the phone can be challenging. But the holidays are the perfect reason to call people. Most will appreciate the extra effort and personal touch.

And here’s the best part. Because no one actually does it, you’ll easily stand out, even if your written greeting gets lost in the shuffle.

Share something extra.

There’s no shortage of opportunities to share holiday-related information and ideas. For example, cookie recipes are always appreciated at this time of year, especially for clients who attend cookie exchanges.

If you really want to stand out, you can get more creative and share unique gift ideas or holiday crafts like these sock snow pals.

Be helpful or giving.

The holidays are a hectic time for just about everyone. That’s why finding a way to help make your client’s lives easier goes a long way. Maybe you have a tip for saving time or money that your clients will appreciate. Or perhaps there’s a local holiday event your clients might enjoy that you can let them know about.

Helping others can be just as effective, especially if your clients are the giving type. If you give to charity anyway, why not give it in your clients’ names? Another option is to offer to pick up food donations and take them to your local shelter or drop-off point, especially if your clients live on the way.


Sending holiday greetings is the bare minimum for any business professional. And if that’s all you do, you’ll get minimum results.

On the other hand, if you can stand out, you have a great opportunity to insert yourself into the holiday conversation, increasing exposure and boosting your chance of referrals.

Don’t miss your final chance to stand out to your clients heading into the new year. Take action now.