Subtle Ideas for Promoting Your Business to Family

Alexa Bricker

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When you start on a new business venture, it’s likely that some of the first people to find out are your family. But after the initial excitement wears off, your loved ones might forget about your business, and you could lose some of the benefits of this critical advocate group.

But without feeling like you’re overdoing it, how can you remind your family about your business and encourage them to promote it?

Work it into the conversation.

No one likes to feel cornered in a discussion, and if you’re constantly bringing up your business every chance you get, your relatives are going to get annoyed. Instead, find points in the conversation that make sense to highlight what you do, like if someone mentions a friend who might benefit from your services or if the topic on the table relates to your industry.

Stay relevant.

While you don’t want to constantly talk about your business, it is important to keep it a part of the conversation and to not let too much time go by without bringing it up. Think outside the box with this, though. Keeping your business top of mind with family doesn’t always have to involve you promoting it through word of mouth. You can also stay relevant by posting regularly to social media (and making sure your family follows your page) and by sending them your American Lifestyle magazine or other valuable content.

Keep up with their lives.

Nothing is worse than a family member turning to someone from the outside for the same service you can provide, but if you don’t realize until it’s too late, you have no one to blame but yourself. One of the easiest ways to promote your business to family is when you know they really need it. Stay involved in the goings on of their lives by making regular phone calls and engaging at get-togethers—you never know when opportunity might strike.

This for that.

Just because they’re family doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a little encouragement. If the opportunity arises to help them out in some way, whether it be driving their kids to and from practices, helping clean out their basement one weekend, or giving them advice with their own business, make sure you seize this moment to urge them to return the favor.

Family is one of the key groups in your sphere that can give a boost to your business, with very minimal effort or coaxing on your end. Most of the time they will be more than happy to help, you just have to know how to ask.

Written by Alexa Bricker

Creative writer who believes in the power of a well-told story and helpful content.