Stop Making Money Your Primary Motivation


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It seems like a foolish notion. But take a moment to look deeply at the reason you wake up in the morning. Is it simply to perform a job in exchange for money?

If the answer to that question is “yes” then you are a member of the vast majority.

But what happens when the efforts of salespeople are focused on a different endgame, something more meaningful than a paycheck?

When you change the ends you change the means, and this transition can revitalize your hustle and breathe new life into your career. Thinking big picture about how you and your job fit into the world at large you can operate on a higher level and transcend the rat race.

Outside of achieving something bigger than yourself, a more enlightened set of priorities often has a positive impact on your bottom line. Avarice is not the best way to fuel your sales game. Helping your clients is the most sustainable way to drive business.

In turn, you make more money because you work with a fresh perspective. Customers would rather do business with someone who is motivated by ensuring their well-being as opposed to someone who just wants their money at the end of the sale.

Take the time to delve deep and examine what it’s all about. Re-evaluate and reshape your drive around something that can carry you to levels of success that go far beyond dollars and cents.

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