Start Your 2016 Marketing Plan with Issue 74 of American Lifestyle Magazine

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The new year is just around the corner, and you know what that means: resolutions.

Your clients are probably already promising themselves to eat better or exercise more. And maybe your marketing resolution is to stay in better touch with your clients to attract more repeat business and referrals.

Issue 74 of American Lifestyle magazine can help with all these.

Exclusive content makes keeping resolutions easier

New Back Cover, Back Inside Cover, and Tear Out Card options provide tricks, tips, and motivation to help your clients stick to their resolutions. For example, you’ll find a Tear Out Card on healthy alternatives to specific cravings, an ad showing stretches you can do at your desk, and much more.

The print ads also include links to additional digital content that you can share via social media, such as this post on 6 Hacks to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick and this 15-minute workout routine with free downloadable fitness trackers.

Featured stories start conversations

You and your clients can also find inspiration in this issue’s stories of passion and perseverance.

One such feature documents Shane Braverman’s passion for tea in all its iterations, from a humble bag of chamomile to loose tea leaves brewed at the ideal temperature.

David Hartford’s labor of love is thirty-five years in the making. He’s building from scratch a fifty-two-foot schooner that he plans to live aboard and sail to Anacortes, off the coast of Seattle, and live aboard.

And the love of the ride attracts men from all walks of life—from all over the world—to Arizona for an epic horseback journey through the Sonoran Desert. Readers saddle up and go along for the ride in Issue 74.

There are also features on a robotics competition and the history of rolling rinks in the US. And, as always, there are delicious recipes that are sure to earn raves from your subscribers, and start conversations.

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