Spring Clean Your Marketing Plan with Issue 69

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Issue 69 of American Lifestyle magazine will inspire your recipients to spring into productivity, whether they’re looking to organize their home, office, or themselves. This issue may be our timeliest issue yet with articles that focus on fresh, vegetarian recipes and additional content centered around getting everything organized—with delivery dates running from March through May.





We’ve worked all winter to produce six new Back Covers, six Back Inside Covers, six Tear Out Cards, and twenty-four social media shareables with coordinating downloadable (and printable) pieces, bringing even more great American Lifestyle content into the homes of your clients. Mix and match the pieces, or share a preview online before your magazines are delivered. All of the shareable content is designed to help you increase your activity on your social media profiles and strengthen relationships by providing even more valuable content that links back to you and your magazine.

share-on-social-media-69Sharing Has Never Been Easier

As always, making your issue selections is easy. Platinum subscribers can log in to the Online Account Manager and use the navigation bar on the left to get started. You’ll have access to our Everything Organized content, as well as our library of hundreds of ads and Tear Out Cards. Looking to schedule a post to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ page? It’s simple with our Social Media Shares page. Just select a shareable, choose your platform, and click to share—we’ve even prewritten messages to make it all a snap. Platinum subscribers can choose from our most recent shareables or the content from the previous issue. Post one, two, or all of the shareables—it’s all included with your subscription.

Within the Pages of ALM 69


Issue 69 Article “Homage to Nourishment: Vegetarian Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle”

All of this motivational content lends itself nicely to the spring-like feel of Issue 69, with its vivid colors of the vegetable variety found in “Homage to Nourishment: Vegetarian Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle.” Or the photos of the lush, green landscape that’s been incorporated as home decor in “The Woods: Building Among the Trees.” Even the art in this issue will have you feeling lively with features like “California Greening: An Organic Horticulturist’s Tale,” “Painting the Pedestrian: The Art in the Ordinary,” or “Yellow Owl Workshop: Stamps and Cards and Totes, Oh My!”

So even though it still feels very much like winter for some of us, think ahead to spring and the impact American Lifestyle magazine and Issue 69 exclusive content can have on the reawakening of your marketing plan. To see more of what Issue 69 has to offer, please visit the American Lifestyle magazine editorial calendar. Inspired to get started? Visit our Everything Organized promotion page where you can browse the designs or log in to begin customizing your own American Lifestyle magazine.