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Share These 7 Blogs to Help Your Sphere Navigate the 2021 Real Estate Market

Alexa Bricker

Posted on

With the traditional spring market interrupted by the arrival of COVID-19, who could have predicted that 2020 would bring an explosion of demand in the real estate market? Agents and brokers who were able to shift gears, and turned a highly personal process into a virtual one, are poised for another successful year in 2021—as buyers continue to flood the market.

Although there will still be plenty of challenges (demand is expected to continue to increase without the inventory to match), you can help your clients and prospects navigate the 2021 market with ease by sharing these helpful articles.


line of vacation homes on the waterWhat to Know When Shopping for a Second Home

The increased opportunity to work from home coupled with a desire for more space has spawned many to purchase a second home in the past year—and that’s not expected to slow down. Share this guide on what to expect when buying a second or vacation home so your clients can determine if it’s the right decision for them.

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small white model home on stack of penniesWhy Now Is a Great Time to Tap Into Your Home’s Equity

With home prices rising (and expected to continue to do so), many homeowners don’t realize just how much equity they are sitting on. Let them in on the secret, and share some ideas for making use of it.

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line of row homes at sunsetAre We Facing a Real Estate Bubble?

In short, no. But the people in your sphere might not know that. The apparent instability created by rising home prices, increased demand, and low inventory has left many wondering when it might all fall apart. The good news is this is not 2008. Let them know why.

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white for sale sign10 Questions Everyone Selling a Home Should Be Asking

When it comes to working with buyers, you are probably used to the barrage of questions. However, sellers aren’t always so keen to raise their hand. Demonstrate your goodwill and credibility by sharing these top questions every seller should be asking but may not even have thought of.

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young family with two children holding for sale signPreparing for a 2021 Home Purchase

There are a handful of things anyone interested in buying a home this year needs to know, and you’re in the best position to provide advice and an answer for their concerns. Share this blog to highlight your expertise and encourage anyone in your sphere who may be on the fence.

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aerial view of countrysideFinding a Home in a Low Inventory Market

Searching for a new home can be a frustrating process under ordinary circumstances, but 2020 created a set of truly extraordinary circumstances that continues to plague buyers in 2021: historically low inventory. The tips in this blog can offer a bit of encouragement for anyone struggling to find their perfect home.

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low angle of townhomes with white sidingWhy is Home Buying a Key Personal Investment?

Many people interested in buying a home (especially first-time buyers) might not fully comprehend the life-long investment that is homeownership. However, once they get it, they are more likely to be homeowners for life. Share this blog to let them in on some of the top reasons homeownership is worth the time and money spent.

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Written by Alexa Bricker

Creative writer who believes in the power of a well-told story and helpful content.