ReminderMedia Partners with SHARE Cancer Support

Gabrielle C. King

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For the past 8 years, ReminderMedia has partnered with various charitable organizations to help raise funds and awareness for the remarkable work they do.

This year, we selected SHARE Cancer Support, a national nonprofit that supports, educates, and empowers women affected by breast, ovarian, uterine, or metastatic breast cancer, with a special focus on medically underserved communities.

SHARE Cancer Support is a recognized leader in supporting culturally-diverse cancer patients and diligently works to remain at the forefront of advocacy with initiatives directed at metastatic breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

What makes SHARE special is how it grounds all their programs in the needs, insights, and experiences of real patients and survivors. Their programs are developed in multiple languages and help to support women of all ages, cultures, and ethnicities to make informed, authentic decisions about their health.

We are pleased to announce that, with the support of our clients, we have raised $10,000 for SHARE Cancer Support, through a combination of new client signups and the purchase of custom ads. These funds will help support their national helplines, expert-led educational programs, community outreach, support groups, online communities, local advocacy opportunities, corporate education, caregiver support, and survivor-patient navigation.

Today, November 30, is Giving Tuesday! If you are interested in donating to SHARE Cancer Support today, you can visit for more information. There you will also find a list of past organizations ReminderMedia has partnered with.

Thank you to all our clients who helped us reach this goal and helped support this organization’s important work!

Written by Gabrielle C. King

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