Product Toolkit: Social Media Shares

ReminderMedia wants to keep our clients up to date on all the greatest tactics for using our products. In the first installment of our new Above the Noise: Product Tool Kit series, VP of Marketing, Josh Stike, reviews how to use Social Media Shares, a tool available to all of our platinum subscribers.

Video Transcription

Welcome to the Product Toolkit Edition of Above the Noise where we’re going to dive deeper into the tools, technologies, and strategies involving ReminderMedia’s marketing programs designed to help you build relationships that’ll drive more repeat and referral business. I’m Joshua Sike VP of Marketing here at ReminderMedia and today we’re going to share more about Social Media Shares.

Every professional today knows that they need to be on social media but not every professional knows exactly where to get that content from. In fact, did you know that only 20% of your content on social media should be about your business the other 80% should be content that your followers want to read, want to engage with and that adds value to their day. As you share more content on social media you’ll start to see more relationships opening up and more interaction happening with your clients as they get perspective into your daily lives. That’s why we created Social Media Shares for American Lifestyle magazine.

Social Media Shares is a benefit of every Platinum subscriber and it’s immediately available in your account manager. To get started simply go to log in to your online account manager on the left hand side from the menu about halfway down you’ll see the link social media shares when you click this link you’re going to open up a library of pre-written content that’s timely, that means that if it’s November you’re gonna be sharing Thanksgiving recipes and videos. If it’s July you’re gonna be sharing about picnics and barbecues. It is so easy to share literally with one click you can be posting to Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn and start measuring how your audience engages with your content.

So how does sharing on social media impact the bottom line of your business? When you publish content with universal appeal you stay top of mind to become the go-to professional in your community so here are three things you can do to maximize the ROI on social media content.

Number one.

Number one—keep track of everybody that interacts with your content look at your likes look at your comments make sure that you’re replying and then copy those names into a spreadsheet or another CRM database.This will allow you to follow up with those clients or identify leads for your business.

Number two.

Number 2—list those interests in your CRM whether you’re looking at a holistically at what your entire client base looks like or individually or what individual clients or contacts are liking make sure that you’re tracking those data points in your CRM are they obsessed with art do they love to cook are they interested in giving back to the community if these are things that your clients value and that you’re keeping track of that that’ll help you learn more about them and help you
become a better professional.

Number three.

Number three as always pick up the phone leverage what you’ve learned to maximize the effectiveness of American lifestyle magazine. That means that if Sally is always liking your articles on social media about pets the next time the Pet Edition goes out, give Sally a call see how she likes the home that you sold her thank her for her business and most importantly let her know that you appreciate her referrals.

The takeaway.

So those are three simple tips to help you do social media better so let us know what you think. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Comment below on how you’re using Social Media Shares to connect with your clients, and most importantly, take action today!

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A writer with a knack for creating meaningful content and becoming best friends with every dog she meets.