Marketing to the Entire Family

When it comes to sales, especially insurance or financial services, it’s important to connect with entire families and not just individual clients. When you work with families, you spread your brand further and create relationships that span generations.

Video Transcription

Alright, so if you’re in marketing, sales, a business owner, probably a hundred percent of the time your focus has been on marketing and connecting to the decision maker of the transaction. So, maybe you’re a financial advisor and your whole focus has been on the person who you’re managing the money for and a lot of times we miss out on a golden opportunity, which is connecting to the whole family, which could lead to new accounts for you.

A point I would want to make to you guys is that it is absolutely critical that not only you connect to the whole family, but you don’t wait to do it. You do it from the beginning of the relationship. Because if you do it when the time comes that you might be able to build an account with
that person it’s going to be too late, so it’s critical that you start reaching out to the entire family at the beginning of the relationship with that
individualized client.

In today’s video I want to give you guys the way I look at marketing to the entire family and how I would break down my strategy for each. It’s really broken up in this who they are, what their interests are, where I should reach them, and when I should reach out to them.

So walking through that, if my Dad’s financial advisor wanted to connect with me because what happens when my Dad passes away most likely his money is going to come to me so the financial advisor would want to keep that account and keep the relationship with me, so he needs to understand who am I? Who am I to my Dad? Who am I? What does it mean for his finances? What does it mean for the accounts? He also needs to understand what are my likes and interests. What are my pain points? What do I want to hear specifically from him that would interest me?

Then he needs to understand where can he reach me how does he communicate with a Luke versus my Dad? Maybe my Dad responds better to you know handwritten notes where I might respond better to an email or social media, so he needs to understand where he can reach me, and then last but not least he needs to understand when he should reach out to me so he obviously could do it strategically around things like life events like my birthday or maybe a birth in my family, but even more than he can use the relationship with my father to know when to reach out to me. Maybe he just had an annual review with my father and his finances. He could then ask my father hey I would like to reach out to Luke and send him this type of information because I believe it would be important to him. Now that gives a strategic way for him to reach out to me
and it warms it up for him so as you see guy says I give you this example of me and my father’s relationship you can understand how my financial advisor can market to me successfully and ultimately keep that account when my father passes away.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys. When you look at connecting and marketing with the entire family you want to look at, Who are they? What are
their likes and interests? Where can you communicate with them? And when can you communicate with them?

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