Customer Story: “I Loved the Idea of Sending Out Something Visual”

Janet Peckinpaugh understands that being remembered is an essential part of her job because, as she says, “A big part of real estate is referrals and it can be a major part of your business.” If she doesn’t do everything in her power to make a positive impact by staying in touch, then she might not get the kind of repeat business that drives profit in her industry.

When a ReminderMedia rep visited Peckinpaugh’s office, she immediately saw the value in American Lifestyle magazine. “He told us about how good it was that we could send this to all of our clients, [both] current and those that we would meet along the way.” Janet needed a communication tool to stay in touch with the people who mattered most.

“I loved the idea of sending out something visual, that was good quality, that had great content; which American Lifestyle does… [A] subtle reminder that I’m in the business, and if they need me give me a call.”

By choosing ReminderMedia, publishers of American Lifestyle magazine, Janet acquires:

  • Brand Awareness—Janet uses ALM to remind people that she continues to be a leader in the business.
  • An Elegant Visual—The magazine stands out wonderfully.
  • Public Perception—It’s an integral part of making sure clients think of her as soon as they have a real estate need.

The results of the magazine were immediately lucrative, and it proved to be a wonderful investment. She recounts one of the first times the effect of the magazine came full circle when she talked to some clients: “I asked them, out of curiosity, why they had chosen me and they said they liked my marketing approach. I went back to visit them a second time and there was my magazine on the table.”

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