How to Leverage the Holidays for Your Marketing


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When it comes to marketing, leveraging the holidays is a no-brainer. But oftentimes, marketers don’t know where or how to begin.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Jessi provides three tips to help any business execute a winning holiday marketing strategy.

Video Transcription

When people think of holiday marketing, they think of where can I get the best deal? Holiday marketing is great for any business to utilize. Whether you’re doing online advertising, print, or email marketing, I’m gonna give you three tips today on how you can get started, and utilize it for your business.

Number one

To start, plan early. A lot of people wait till the last minute to figure out what they want to do for an upcoming holiday. They say Valentine’s Day is around the corner, let me put something together. Instead, think of the next 12 months right now and the holidays that are coming up, and figureout which ones will best be utilized for your business.

Put together a very generic calendar of the holidays, what you would want to promote, and then put that aside. Now, two months before that holiday is when you really want to start figuring out your promotion. Whether it’s print, online advertising, email marketing there’s a lot of pieces that are involved, so the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be.

Number two

Now that you know what holidays you want to utilize for your marketing, it’s time to set measurable KPIs. You need to make sure that you’re tracking your success so that later you can analyze your results. Depending on the marketing campaign that you’re going after, you can do things like net profit, your page views, or your overall conversions. No matter what, you want to make sure that you measure and track your success. This will help you figure out what holidays actually work for you and which ones you should go after in the future.

Number three

And the last tip I’m going to give you is don’t just sell your product. You also need to sell your brand and your value. Now that you know the marketing campaigns that you’re going to be doing and also the KPIs that you’re going to be tracking, you need to think of the overall client experience. Don’t just put together a deal and figure out a witty email subject line.

You also need to make sure you think about the relationships. Include something like your value proposition, or who you are as a business professional, so that your future customers know who you are and understand your value. So no matter the time of year, or the holiday, these tactics should help you put together a winning marketing strategy.

The takeaway

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