How to Handle Difficult People in Business

In real estate, dealing with these kinds of colleagues can seem impossible. But even if you want to pull your hair out and storm away from the negotiating table, follow these tips to play the long game and make sure you win the war.

Video Transcription

Alright,  so we’ve all been in that situation where you know a problem arises with a colleague a vendor a business partner. In fact I was talking to an agent not too long ago who had a situation pop up they were on vacation and one of their buyers wanted to see a property. So they called the listing agent of that property and asked the listing agent to show their buyer the property.

Well the buyer ended up loving it and making an offer and what happened was the listing agent then said to the agent who was on vacation, “hey I would like to get some of the buyers commission because I showed the buyer around.” Well this obviously caused some dispute to arise where the agent didn’t feel like they deserved any of the buyers commission, thought they were doing them a favor.

And here’s my thoughts for you when these type of situations arise in your business what you need to understand about business and specifically in real estate guys is real estate in business they it’s a relationship game don’t focus on the transaction, focus on the relationship. You need to play the long-term game. So many agents these agents in this scenario they’re focused on the commission check. They’re not focused on the long-term relationship in the long term business. They’re more focused on their pride. They’re more focused on winning the battle and not winning the war.

My advice to you is you need to look at these situations and what a top producer would understand is They would understand that yes I might have to acquiesce on this little commission, that I might not make a couple extra hundred bucks or maybe even a couple thousand extra dollars, but in the end chances are I’m gonna meet this agent again, time and time again throughout my career and if I try to win this battle what’s gonna happen is I’ll lose the war because this agents not going to speak highly of me, not gonna recommend me, and probably spread my brand very poorly, as if I just acquiesce and give in and build and focus on the relationship I have an advocate for my business.

The takeaway.

And guys I want to make one caveat here that I’m not talking about your morals and your ethics. That’s something personally you have to decide that you have to make a stand on. What I’m telling you is to focus on the relationship the transaction play the long-term game, play the patience game, play the tape out and watch and see your business win in the long term.

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Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A writer with a knack for creating meaningful content and becoming best friends with every dog she meets.