How this Agent Generates New Business with American Lifestyle magazine


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Real estate is a competitive industry; that’s no secret. But what is it that separates the top producers from the rest? The answer is creating and maintaining relationships with past, present, and future clients that will result in two crucial things: repeat and referral business.

Independent Coldwell Banker agent, Sandra Alvarez, gives us a taste of what it’s like to reel in success in a sea of other agents. Fortunately, she realizes that staying in touch and being on the forefront of her clients’ minds is what sets her apart from the rest. The kicker to maintaining those relationships is doing so in a tasteful manner that leaves her clients wanting to do the same.

So, staying in touch with clients is incredibly important, but how can it be done well?

By giving them something they didn’t know they wanted. Alvarez says, “this business is so competitive that we have to stay top of mind with our clients, whether they’re previous clients or current clients, or new clients.” Her way of doing just that is sending out American Lifestyle magazine.

What drew Alvarez into utilizing American Lifestyle magazine?

“When I saw American Lifestyle magazine, I love the quality of the magazine,” says Alvarez.  Quality—something that not many marketing materials possess. “I found it at a doctor’s office, and I love the articles it has. I love the fact that you can personalize it with your own recipes or different types of cards and it’s so easy to do.”

From recipes to articles about travel to home décor, the content of the magazine is unique in each and every edition. Recipients of the magazine will not only look forward to reading it, but they can share their Tear Out Cards with a multitude of people.

Has she found any type of success since utilizing the magazine?

It’s no secret that this magazine sustains itself against the dozens of other marketing materials that competitors try to utilize to stay in touch with their clients. The key that Alvarez has used to unlock this success with her clients is that they are the ones reaching out to her. “The beauty of this magazine is they call me. They call me to share an article or let me know about the recipe they tried. It’s not like a postcard, it doesn’t get tossed away. People will keep it for months.”

Keeping up with previous or current clients is one task, but trying to gain referrals in addition is a whole different ball game. “I have a teacher that is on my mailing list that I sold her first home, and she took the magazine to share it with a friend at school, and I’ve closed at least three additional teachers out of that one magazine,” says Alvarez.

The takeaway

What agents can learn from Sandra is that quality rules over quantity. Clients don’t want piles of marketing materials that will ultimately end up in the trash; they want something that is unchanging, versatile, and interesting all while looking elegant. Staying in touch with every type of client doesn’t have to be a hassle—you just have to give them what they want, and what they want is American Lifestyle magazine.

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