How Financial Advisors Can Connect with Entire Families

When ReminderMedia first started exploring financial advisors as a vertical, we were surprised about the challenges they faced.  We assumed it would have something to do with cold, hard numbers—market conditions or oversight.

Instead, we learned something unexpected. The primary pain point of financial advisors was their forward-facing communications—the ways they kept their sphere engaged. They knew how to manage assets and build portfolios, but they found themselves so occupied running their operation, that content and outreach ended up on the back burner.

When an FA only connects with a client over money, that client will cut the advisor the moment the market hits a bump. If financial advisors connect on a personal level, in a way that goes beyond dollars and cents, clients are far more likely to pledge their loyalty through good times and bad.

Those are the efforts that drive retention and bring in new business. If you want to reach out to entire families and grow your sphere, just sending market reports isn’t going to get their attention. You need something outside of the industry that will appeal to everyone in the household.

ReminderMedia provides the ultimate touchpoint with American Lifestyle magazine and American Lifestyle digital edition. Not only do they act as items of value for your clients, but they also allow you to connect with every member of each client’s family. Articles on travel and art, along with delicious recipes and fun crafts, allow you to foster relationships with members of the family that you never interact with face to face. When you make an impression, you drive client retention and build your book, all while multiplying referrals.

When financial advisors trust ReminderMedia to handle their marketing, they can rest assured knowing that their forward facing outreach is on autopilot; all you have to do is reap the benefits. Give everyone in the home a frame of reference for who you are by providing thoughtful marketing, so that you can drive retention through generations.

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