Harvesting Thanks with Issue 66

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ReminderMedia is offering new incentives and all new exclusive content that will take recipients from the harvest season through the holidays.

The latest issue of American Lifestyle magazine features New England during its most welcoming season—fall. Readers will enjoy the article Sowing Massachusetts, which shares stories from the farms and attractions that make the state so unique.

bog-heavenIn Bog Heaven, ALM features a behind-the-scenes look at one of the bogs that make up the Ocean Spray cranberry co-op. The article walks readers through the process of collecting the berries, from flooding through harvesting. After reading, the audience will have a greater appreciation for the fruit of the fall season.

Continuing with the theme, Issue 66 offers an adorable article on the puffins that grace the coastline of Maine; a spotlight on artist Marilyn Sunderland, whose carved creations offer a fun spin to the seasonal harvest; and a feature on interior designer Marika Myers, whose fresh take on classic interior design will help get readers through the holiday season.

samplesSenders of American Lifestyle magazine will have the opportunity to include additional, exclusive content that has been optimized for sharing. Platinum subscribers can choose from Back Cover ads, Back Inside Cover ads, and Tear Out Cards to customize their magazine, as well as have access to the American Lifestyle magazine downloads page where all subscribers can find exclusive content to share by e-mail or on their favorite social media sites.

New customers will also enjoy 15 free Promotional Copies to add to their Issue 66 mailing list. Promotional Copies are a great way to get additional leverage from a subscription, by allowing the sender to use these copies in any networking or last-minute promotional opportunities.

fallFrom the fall-focused editorial features to the exclusive content that targets recipients with timely messages that will last from the harvest through the holidays, connecting with recipients has never been more festive!