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Not many salespeople have a press kit, but it’s a great tool when it comes to gaining widespread exposure. A sharp press kit can help you expand your brand with local media, while securing your position as a local influencer and community expert.

Video Transcription

Alright guys, I believe press kits should a hundred percent be in your business the reason why is because the key to driving sales is getting attention and if you put together a great press kit you can get attention by sending your press kit to all the local businesses. I’m talking about your local newspaper, your local TV station, maybe the local news websites, but it’s a great way to spread your brand and introduce yourself to them.

So I want to give you guys the four things I believe should be in your press kit.

A great bio.

It’s obvious, but this is really where you’re going to share your story, who you are, why you got into the business. If you remember from a past Above The Noise I talked about you know putting together a compelling value proposition. This should go into your bio.

A great photo.

The second thing you need in your press kit is you need a great photo and not just one great photo you need multiple photos you don’t want just that proper headshot, you want some action shots if you’re spreading your brand to all the local businesses you’re hoping that they put that up on their website or share it in the paper so you want a great photo that they can use.

Your accomplishments.

The third thing that should be in your press kit is you need a list of your accomplishments and the reviews that your clients are giving you. Now that you’ve told them your story through the bio, tell them what you’ve accomplished what you’ve done what you’re proud of and tell them what your clients are saying about you.

A short video.

And the fourth and final thing that should be in your press kit is you should film a short video now you can actually give them a window into your personality maybe your short video will be your compelling value proposition, it could be your sales pitch, but it’s a great way for you to showcase your personality and introduce yourself to somebody.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys there are the four things that should go in every press kit. If you like this make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you know comment below let me know what you use in your press kit, where you’re having failures, successes, make sure you check us out on Instagram and Facebook but most importantly, take action on this today!

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