Five Tips to Succeed in Real Estate!

87% of real estate agents fail out of the industry within the first 5 years, but by following these 5 tips, agents can create extremely lucrative careers and live a life of freedom.

Video Transcription

Alright guys so you just got into the business you’re probably excited gung-ho ready to get started but you’re a little nervous because you’re not sure what to do today I want to give you guys five tips that you can apply to your business to make sure you’re not in the eighty seven percent of REALTORS® that fail.

First tip.

First tip is you need to find a great brokerage a broker that you can serve under and there’s two things I would look at here is one is look at the training that they can offer to you don’t sign up with a brokerage that’s not going to give you one-on-one training that’s not invested in training their new agents. And then the second is what systems can they offer you to get you started because the reality is when you first get into the business you don’t have a lot of money so these brokerages and this broker can help you by providing you some of the basic systems you need second tip to help you as a new agent is you need to divine what I call office hours it’s not a regular job anymore so you can’t treat it like a hobby though you need to make sure you set aside time. I would I encourage new agents to do all the time is make sure that they go to the office because it will help you get in the zone it will help you create a routine.

Second tip.

Make sure you have a CRM for your business that’s a customer relationship management tool it’s gonna help you manage the clients the appointments that you have and then the next tip I’ll give you is you need to prospect so not you can’t just rely on your friends and family when you get into the business you need to start prospecting, start lead generating, use your CRM to set up appointments,  get on the phone,  start door knocking,  go face-to-face. I recommend if you remember from a previous video prospect at least an hour to two hours each day.

Third tip.

Then the last tip I’ll give you as a new agent is find yourself a mentor or a coach. Guys the reason why 87% of real estate agents fail is because they’re not used to not having a boss that tells them what to do. You need a mentor or a coach that’s gonna hold you accountable to your goals and make sure you accomplish them. When you look to choose a coach or a mentor choose someone that’s done what you’re hoping to do. Someone that’s been there, done that. That can give you real solid advice.

The takeaway.

There you have it guys there are tips to make sure you don’t fall into the 87%. If you liked these tips subscribe to our YouTube channel, of course comment below let me know about your experience. If you just got into the business are you nervous let me know. You know if you’re a veteran agent what experience you had as a new agent. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram but most importantly guys take action on this today.