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Issue 71 of American Lifestyle magazine hits homes just as families are winding down their summer breaks and preparing to send kids back to school. The mentality associated with transitioning from summer to fall always comes with the sense of getting back to the grind, a slower pace, and a more steadier schedule. You’ll feel right at home with professionals in this issue. Having chosen the alternative to the nine-to-five grind, they instead pursue careers in the creative arts.

Within the pages of the magazine

In Issue 71, we meet people who create, capture, and commoditize to enhance the communities around them. First is an interview with Robin Luciano Beaty in “A Labor of Love and Art”. We learn how the fine artist built her very own vibrant and beautiful studio barn.

Then we meet Rex Naden in “The Nature of Rex Naden Photography”. Rex captures  nature’s designs at their finest.

We also talk with Kerri Martin, who is making an impact on her North Jersey town by giving used bikes a second life. She’s offering the kids in her community an opportunity to own a bicycle by working to fix it up and helping others to the same.

Then we visit fifty states in which Daniel Seddiqui has held fifty different jobs. After college, Daniel found himself in the same position as many graduates, unemployed and competing for jobs in fields that were predetermined by their college majors. Find out what he did to shake things up and the opportunity he’s now giving college to students.

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