Customer Stories: “Two Out-of-Towners Became Clients Because of the Magazine”

Judy Steele - First Allied Securities

Judy Steele – First Allied Securities

I have subscribed to American Lifestyle magazine for a few years now, and my clients tell me they have to flip a coin in their household to see who gets to read it first. I sent it to two clients who did not follow me when I moved from Smith Barney to First Allied; and within two years, both clients came over, and they said it was all because of the magazine. They liked the way I stayed in front of them.




I always customize the inside letter to let clients know a little bit about me and what’s going on in my life. I end every inside letter with, “Thank you for your continued support through recommendations and referrals,” which continues to lead to deep and rewarding new client relationships.


Front Inside Cover Sample of American Lifestyle for Judy Steele

One time, there was an article about bridges in Vermont, and I shared how I enjoyed the countryside and which bridges I’d seen when I visited my clients in Vermont. Two different clients called and said, “You have clients out of town? Would you talk to my sister in New Jersey?” Another was in Massachusetts. Both became clients. Another article was about Franklin, Tennessee, and I shared about visiting Franklin while seeing clients in Nashville. It’s a very soft sell.


What I like most is that American Lifestyle magazine cannot go to the same address from two people. The original one that I received came from my real estate agent. I cannot even mail myself a copy because my address belongs to her customer list. I think that keeps the magazine very high quality and not watered down.

Judy Steele's Back Cover of American LifestyleI send it to my dentist, my doctor, my son’s orthodontist, and I always leave a few copies on the coffee tables at the local retirement centers when I visit. I believe it validates my position in the community in a similar, but different manner than a Facebook page.