Customer Stories: “It’s the Only Thing I Send People that They Bring Up in Conversation.”

Peyton Hawkes - Member of NAPFA

Peyton Hawkes – Member of NAPFA

“I am a financial advisor and a business owner of the practice. I have been using ReminderMedia and American Lifestyle magazine for several years. I use it to keep in touch with current clients, remind prospective clients of my business, and also provide car dealerships and doctor’s offices with copies for their waiting rooms. I find the magazine to have a very upscale feel. It is impressive to hold, and the photos are outstanding. The colors are brilliant, and the articles are varied and tasteful. The whole feel of the magazine seems to allude to that better life we all aspire to—very classy, but avoiding an over-the-top-opulent vibe, while at the same time also blending in a healthy dose of Americana for texture.

It is the only thing I send people that they bring up in conversation and with a smile on their face. In a world of dull economic reports and statements of account value, this magazine reaches out to people with an emotional component that is hard to achieve otherwise. tocs-hawkeCombine that with the ability to customize it tastefully with my firm’s message and select the recipes or causes I want on the Tear Out Cards, it is a real winner in my book! Thanks, ReminderMedia! Keep up the good work!”