Customer Stories: “I Received a Referral from the Client Only Because of American Lifestyle”

Rene Sheridan of Demis Realty

Rene Sheridan – Demis Realty Inc

My clients usually do not reach out when they receive marketing material from me, but the first time I sent out the magazine I received a number of personal phone calls thanking me for sending them the magazine. A few even wondered if I was the one who put the whole publication together!

On occasion, when I am talking to a client, they will ask if I have tried a recipe from American Lifestyle magazine. Not just any recipe, but a specific recipe that they have already tried and want to know if I have too! Since then, I always send myself a copy so I can keep up on the items I have chosen for that month, so I can refer or relate to what they are talking

I hadn’t really kept contact with a particular client for the last few years, though I continued to send them my marketing material. At some point, the only material they were receiving was American Lifestyle magazine. In between this time I had a name change that I did not announce formally to any of my clients. However, I received a referral from the client only because of American Lifestyle—the referral had my new name and knew where to reach me.